Back-To-School Style: Campus Edition

c3853597ad0411031f1103fc99456f05To all my ladies (and any willing gentlemen) out there, it’s time to address the way you dress.

Whether you’re rolling out of bed just in time for class or waking up at the crack of dawn to primp and prep, the outfit you choose in the morning can make or break you later on (Yes, it’s that serious).

When you look good, you feel good. But if you’re looking so good you can’t walk to class in a skirt without a gust of wind flashing innocent onlookers, you’re gonna have a bad time – and you’re going to have to deal with it for the next five or six hours you’re stuck on campus far, far away from your closet.

For freshmen who thought walking from East Halls to Hammond would be like walking down the hall for class, or for the seniors who continue to be baffled by campus style year after year, this guide goes out to all the girls who want to look fabulous and feel comfortable.

Impossible, you say? We beg to differ.

Keep it Simple.

We know you want to look like a page out of a magazine – mixing patterns, layering your necklaces, flaunting your insane new heel purchases – but if you’re hoping to avoid boarding the Hot Mess Express, skip anything too trendy and stick to the basics.

You’ll find that jeans and a slouchy t-shirt or sweater can look fashionable on their own, and if you want to add some flair, choose one item of clothing with personality, or keep everything else simple and rock an eye-catching accessory.

Don’t Be a Shlump.

Yes, we want you to be comfortable, but there’s a fine line between cozy-casual and couch potato.

Obviously everyone is very aware that oversized sweatpants and a baggy sweatshirt aren’t considered an acceptable ensemble for daily life, but let’s talk about the inevitable evil we have all been known to fall victim to on a Monday morning: yoga pants.

Stretchy, form-fitting and multi-functional – what’s not to love? You can dress them up with a cute, slouchy sweater or dress them down with a t-shirt and sneakers, and while both those options are valid in today’s world, it’s important to remember what yoga pants are saying about the wearer.

Whether you couldn’t bother thinking of anything more interesting to wear that morning or you’ve simply given up on the class-to-gym wardrobe change, yoga pants are an excuse for laziness. We know you’re better than that, ladies.

Dress for the Unexpected.

Unfortunately our happiest of valleys isn’t known for its most pleasant weather.

When you leave your room in the morning for a 10 a.m. class, it might look like the rest of the day promises sunshine and sundresses, but by noon you’ll be wishing you had worn a sweater.

We wish it weren’t so, but wind, rain and snow are the realities of living and learning in Central Pennsylvania, and miniskirts and tiny tank tops are bound to blow up in your face (literally).

Pants are most comfortable, close-toed shoes are most practical, and a sweater on-hand is most helpful.

Plus, how are you going to play a pick-up game of Frisbee on Old Main lawn (and pick-up some hawties while you’re at it) in a dress you can barely walk in?

When getting dressed in the morning, a well-seasoned Penn Stater knows to expect the worst, plan ahead, and always keep an umbrella on-hand.

Sticking to your own personal guidelines of comfort and utility for your wardrobe is key in the battle against campus style, so strut your stuff – but do so responsibly.

Photo by Sabrina Evans

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