A Guide to A Friend’s Perfect PSU Visit

With football season in full gear and going to school in Happy Valley, each weekend someone new is asking to come visit. Though it is really fun to have a family member or friend from home visit, it can be stressful preparing and making sure they have a fun time. No need to stress anymore, because VALLEY has got you covered with the best tips and a perfect agenda to ensure your visitor has the best weekend ever.

Prepping for Their Arrival

The weekend leading up to their arrival is the time you should take to make sure you have everything ready for when they arrive. Try to plan out when you’ll do your homework and assignments ahead of time so that you can finish all your work before the weekend and you do not have to cram anything in while your visitor is with you. When you have a clear weekend, you’ll enjoy your time so much more!

It’s also nice to have some snacks ready for when they arrive and for them to have during their stay. Yes, you’ll probably go out for meals, but having something you guys can eat while sitting around and hanging out can be very helpful. This can also help prevent them from eating your favorite snacks, or ones that you need throughout the week!

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The Perfect Packing List

Packing for a quick weekend trip is never easy. You either pack five bags worth of stuff or forget everything you really need. The crucial things to pack are a comfy outfit for hanging around and going out clothes or gameday outfits depending on your plans. You’ll also need to pack bathroom essentials. If you’re in the dorms, remind your visitor to bring shower shoes and maybe a towel. If you live off campus, try to have extra toothbrushes, towels, and toothpaste handy in case they forget theirs. You could have extras in your dorm too, but there is far less storage available for those things… plus, you always have the market! Remind your visitors to also bring a pillow and blanket if do not have extras. There’s nothing worse than getting a bad sleep because you had to sleep under a dorm rug to stay warm.

ETA Is 10 Minutes

If you live in a dorm or apartment that does not have parking, make sure you know of parking garages around that your visitor can easily park in. If you live in the dorms, East Parking Deck, the Hub Deck and the Nittany Parking deck are all great options that are close to different halls. If you live downtown, there is the Pugh Street Parking Garage and the Fraser Street Garage that are always great options.

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So … What Do You Want to Do?

Taking your visitors out at your school is always a good way to have fun with each other and your school friends. However, if that’s not your vibe or you don’t have plans to go out, there’s plenty of other options to have a great time together. Going out to eat or making a fun dinner can be a great way to stay entertained. A pasta or nacho night and a movie never fails. There are also a ton of things to do downtown, such as the State Theater, a variety of different shops, the creamery or even making your own pottery. If you do not want to spend any money, you could visit the Penn State Palmer Museum of Art, The Arboretum or even take your visitor on a walk around the campus… that will take up at least half the day!

Gameday Weekends

For gameday weekends, your visitor’s experience will probably look a lot different than what their regular weekends are like. If you all need to get up early, make sure you prep them for a long day ahead. Take them to McLanahan’s or The Family Clothesline the day before and help them pick out a cute outfit! On the day of the game, take them to tailgates and places for them to meet your friends! There is no better day than a gameday, so make sure your friend is comfortable and enjoying themselves so they have the best experience!

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Text Me When You Get Home

Saying goodbye to your visitor is often the saddest part of the weekend. When they leave, your room seems a lot quieter and emptier than it had before. Make sure your friend knows how to get to where they parked and how to exit campus. Remember that you’ll see them soon enough and cherish the time you spent together. Weekend visits in college can be some of the best memories you can create together! Wish your visitor safe travels, send them on your way and then start what feels like the day-long deep cleaning session to feel recovered from your fun-filled weekend!

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