8 Reasons Why MisterWives Should Be Your New Favorite Band

Photo by Kayleigh Barber

Last night at Movin’ On there was a little something for everyone. From Sammy Adams to X Ambassadors, most of the popular genres from today were represented. Even Nelly dipped into a bit of country with his song “Cruise” that he collaborated on with Florida Georgia Line. Though the weather was miserable, the spirits of the performers and the crowd were definitely not dampened.

MisterWives however, was so hype in the midst of the freezing drizzle that nearly every audience member could agree that they fell in love with their energy. For many Penn Staters, this may have been their first time listening to their music, other than a couple popular songs that made it to the radio in the past year. But the pure spirit of excitement that MisterWives and their lead singer, Mandy Lee, had left everyone thinking they found their new favorite band.

If you missed out on their concert, here are some reasons why you should download their album “Our Own House” immediately:

  1. First of all, their name is a play off of the old Mormon term “sister wives,” which is pretty funny since the lead singer is a girl and the rest of the band members are boys.
  2. Mandy Lee is actually the coolest/most adorable person ever. Not to mention her voice is ridiculously insane. Even though she spent the majority of their performance running around on stage, she never missed a beat or was short of breath. Plus she could belt like nobody’s business.
  3. The rest of the band was hyped up too and you knew that they were having the time of their lives. They were dressed in crazy patterns, had streaks of color in their hair, and were ready to make a statement. Running around on the stage, Valley still doesn’t have a clue how they were able to keep up their playing.
  4. The saxophone and trumpet players were amazing and peaked everyone’s interest (we can all agree that there is something about brass players that just get ya)!
  5. MisterWives is all for equal rights between genders and women empowerment! During the interlude to their song, “Not Your Way,” Lee took the opportunity to talk about equality among men and women, emphasizing her points through her song lyrics, “Over being told to be undressed to look our best” and “Not growing up to be, a trophy wife.” The chorus really said it all however, “This is my body, body/ And you don’t have a say, have a say,” with a strong uptempo beat.
  6. All of their songs make you feel like dancing and singing your heart out. There is something about their indie pop style that really pulls you in.
  7. The drum interlude performed by Lee was perfect and made you want to take drum lessons. Plus throwing her drumsticks into the crowd was such a cool and breezy move.
  8. When they played their closer, “Our Own House,” the audience went wild. All the fans belted out the words while the newbies learned the lyrics with Lee teaching the bridge line by line. The stage presence of the entire band worked to ensure every audience member had a good time.

Don’t take our word for it yet? Listen to their album and you’ll soon understand!


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