2022 Midterm Elections – Plan Your Ballot

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Election Day is coming up on Nov. 8th. Hopefully, you are already registered to vote. Even though it’s only the midterm elections, your voting power still matters. In fact, all 435 U.S. House seats and 35 Senate seats will be elected this midterm election, in addition to the state’s local elections.  

As on or off-campus Penn State students, you are eligible to vote in the state of Pennsylvania, being that you are 18 years of age or older. If this is your first time voting or you just want to know what to expect on your ballot, VALLEY’s got you.  

It is extremely important to vote for candidates you want to represent you both federally and locally. So before voting, it’s beneficial to see each candidate’s stance on political topics such as reproductive rights, healthcare, gun reform and more.   

Regardless of where in the state you live, all voters will see the same candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and U.S. Senate.  

U.S. Senate

With the Senate being a 50-50 split, this election will determine which party controls the chamber in 2023, Pennsylvania being one of the most closely watched Senate races this election.  

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Fetterman’s campaign site addresses issues such as legalizing cannabis, criminal justice reform and fundamental right to healthcare. Fetterman says, “A woman’s right to an abortion is non-negotiable. Women should have control over their own bodies and their own lives. Period.” He stands with the Black Lives Matter Movement and believes that LGBTQIA+ members deserve equal rights.

Fetterman also considers climate change as an existential threat and would work to transition to cleaner energy. Concerning immigration policies, Fetterman believes that the country should have a kinder approach to immigrants, treating them “like human-beings.” When it comes to minimum wage, he wants to raise it to at least $15 dollars ($7.25 today’s current wage).

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And the Republican candidate Mehmet Oz, who you may recognize as the famous television doctor, “Dr. Oz.”

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Oz campaigns to modernize more affordable and accessible healthcare, secure borders, prevent illegal immigration and “expose the truth that pharmaceutical companies charge too much for prescription drugs.” In addition to protecting law-abiding gun owners in the Second Amendment, Oz believes in protecting life and banning abortion.  


Besides the two primary candidates, there is Richard Weiss (G), Daniel Wassmer (K) and Erik Gerhardt (L). Make sure to get a clear understanding of your candidate’s position before voting.


Local elections can affect state policies like abortion, classroom curriculum, policing and funding for affordable housing. This is why local elections can be important, sometimes even more important, than federal elections.

The race for Governor is between State Senator Douglas “Doug” Mastriano (R) and Josh Shapiro (D) the state’s attorney general, with polls for Joe Soloski (K), Matt Hackenburg (L) and Christina Digiulio (G). 

Lieutenant Governor 

Austin Davis (D)  

Carrie DelRosso (R)  

Michael Badges-Canning (G)  

Nicole Shultz (K) 

Tim McMaster (L)  

District Votes

Depending on the district you live, you will choose your representative for Congress and the state House. Those in even-numbered districts will be voting in the state Senate.  

This tool will find your Congressional, State House and State Senate districts. All you need to do is enter your county and address that you are registered in. For voting in person, use this link to find your polling place.  

It is always best to do your own research before voting. Hopefully this article has helped relieve any potential questions or confusions you had regarding this upcoming election.

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