Why You Need to Attend PRSSA’s Regional Conference “PR Industries Defined: #pluggedintoPR”

Penn State is set to host the Public Relations Student Society of America’s Regional Conference this semester. The conference is a two day event that includes team building activities, PR workshops and speakers from a wide variety of companies. Valley sat down with director Amelia Friedrichs and one of the co-directors Crystal Remick to get more information about the conference.

The theme of the conference is “PR Industries Defined: #PluggedIntoPR” and will host Penn State students as well as students from across the east coast to hear top industry professionals speak such as Devon Conley from Ketchum, Samantha Cooper from Trend Tribe, Steve Martin from General Motors, Lauren Tilstra from Verizon Wireless, Jon Lorenzini from Google and many more. The conference will take place Feb. 6-7 at the Days Inn in State College.

The team of Friedrichs, Remick and other co-director Emily Grabowski (who is currently in Paris!) came up with the theme of the conference and who should speak through surveys. “We found through our surveys that students didn’t really know where to ‘plug’ themselves after graduation in terms of industry. We came up with this concept for this conference that would help direct people to kind of the outlet of their choice,” said Friedrichs.

The school isn’t just allowed to host the regional conference. The process to be able to host the conference at Penn State was long. Friedrichs explains that this process started back in the summer. “We sent out a survey asking people what they would most be interested in- in terms of speakers or PR industries that they might go into,” said Friedrichs. Once the surveys were completed, they came up with what their ideas were for the conference. After that, the team of Friedrichs, Remich and Grabowski had to send a “bid” to the National Board to look over. Only 10 schools across the nation were selected to host, so this is a big honor for Penn State.

What can you expect to gain from the conference? Other than finding your PR outlet, Friedrichs adds that the knowledge you will gain will be invaluable. “You have the speaker line-up with top industry professionals, all there soley to give students insight into the industries that they work in,” says Friedrichs.

SpeakersRemick explains that the speakers can show students where they started, where they ended up and what they did to get there. “They want to see us succeed,” says Remick.

Remick explains that the type of environment the conference will have, will help students thrive as well.

“Being around a kind of environment where there are  students who are trying to go into the workforce and don’t really know what they want to do-just being in that same mix with them, you can talk to them and relate on a certain level,” says Remick.

As well as listening to the speakers, students will be able to ask these professionals questions right after they speak, as well as during a networking event that takes place during the conference.

Learn more about the conference program here.

So who are the directors most excited to hear speak? “I’m pretty excited to hear what Samantha Cooper, CEO of Trend Tribe, has to say because she’s fashion, accessories based and so I’m really interested in how she got to where she’s at right now,” says Remick.

What should you wear? Friedrichs and Remick said that Friday is a bit more casual, preferably no leggings or t-shirts, and Saturday is “business professional.”

All majors and all grade levels are welcome to attend the conference. Friedrichs explained that the conference is communications based, but “there’s something for everyone.”

Take advantage Penn Staters! “It doesn’t happen every year. It doesn’t always happen at Penn State,” says Remick.

Registration for the conference closes Jan. 29th at midnight. However, if you realize that you want to go once the deadline has passed, you can email pluggedintopr@gmail.com to see if they have any more openings for this opportunity. You can register for the conference by clicking here.

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