What Ultimate Throwback Jam Would You Blast in the BJC? | THON 2017

Photo by Jordan Pietrafitta

46 hours is a long time – definitely enough time to hear plenty of music, both live on stage and blaring over the speakers. THON 2017 got off to a great start with a surprise performance from DNCE, as well as many other talented bands, singers, dancers, and more.

But Valley knows that sometimes the best music are the throwbacks. Those old jams from years ago that you’d still know every single word to if they were played. The dancers at THON know this too – which is why many were very enthusiastic about answering the question: What ultimate throwback jam would you blast in the BJC?

Some of the dancers didn’t even hesitate when presented with the question.

Aaron Michaels, a senior dancing for the Blue and White Society had an answer within seconds of being asked. ‘Crocodile Rock’ by Elton John was his response, simply because “it’s my favorite song.”

Three different dancers had the same reasoning for choosing their throwback song – just because “it’s a jam.”

The first was John Lisberger, a junior dancing for Everyday, whose jam selection was ‘Stacy’s Mom.’

Shawn Callaghan, a senior dancing independently, was next with a classic Disney Channel jam. Her choice was Miley Cyrus’ ‘See You Again.’

Priya Crain, another senior dancing independently was very dedicated to her jam choice – ‘Ignition Remition’ by R. Kelly.

Some dancers couldn’t give a specific song, but rather said a throwback band or artist they’d love to hear.

In Dana Buck’s (senior – independent) case, “anything from the original High School Musical” would be ideal.

Nicole Singleton, a sophomore dancing for figure skating, said that she was a huge Nelly and Usher fan and would be happy hearing any jam from either.

Mariah Stoppie, a senior dancing independently, said she would listen to “absolutely anything” by The Killers.

And finally, Raya Willoughby (junior – figure skating) said that she was “feeling some Aaron Carter,” specifically his iconic hit ‘I Want Candy.’

It’s hard to argue that sometimes a good throwback song is all one needs to get pumped up and reinvigorated with that last burst of energy. Here’s hoping that some of these dancers will be lucky enough to hear their jam selections before the THON’s 46 hours are up!