The Oscars: The World’s Ultimate Viewing Party

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It’s that time of the year again – the time movie buffs everywhere have been waiting patiently (or impatiently) for. This Sunday, March 4, is the 90th Annual Academy Awards, also known as the ultimate night at the movies or for the movies. The best films of 2017 will be honored, and the prestigious Oscar statuettes will be given to the best and the brightest of the industry, from actors to directors to more behind-the-scene jobs like hairstyling and set design. The Oscars will begin at 5:00 p.m. (8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard) in the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Jimmy Kimmel is sure to offer some comedic commentary as this year’s host. From the pre-show red carpet to post-show analysis, The Academy Awards promise hours of solid entertainment, and VALLEY is here with a quick rundown about what you can expect.

The Movies

The films from 2017 nominated for Oscars this year cover a wide variety of genres and categories. “Call Me by Your Name,” a drama movie about a complicated relationship between a seventeen-year-old and a student of his father’s has been getting a lot of buzz this season. On another end of the spectrum is “Dunkirk,” a high-intensity war film directed by Christopher Nolan. “Get Out” – writer/director Jordan Peele’s groundbreaking film about a man meeting his girlfriend’s parents for the first time and realizing something isn’t quite right – also earned four nominations. A full list of film nominations can be found here.

The Actors

The Oscar for best actor or actress in a motion picture is one of the most prestigious awards that can be won by someone in the entertainment industry. Some individuals like Meryl Streep or Jack Nicholson are known for seemingly winning Oscar after Oscar, while others like Leonardo DiCaprio are known for their many nominations. The men nominated for best actor in a leading role are Timothee Chamalet (“Call Me by Your Name”), Daniel Day-Lewis (“Phantom Thread”), Daniel Kaluuya (“Get Out”), Gary Oldman (“Darkest Hour”), and Denzel Washington (“Roman J. Israel, Esq.”). The women nominated for best actress in a leading role are Sally Hawkins (“The Shape of Water”), Frances McDormand (“Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri”), Margot Robbie (“I, Tonya”), Saoirse Ronan (“Lady Bird”), and Meryl Streep (“The Post”). The nominees for supporting actors and actresses vying for their own Academy Awards can be found at the same link above.

The Past

In past years of the Academy Awards, viewers and attendees alike have shared entertainment, laughs, surprises and historical moments. Hattie McDaniel was the first African American Oscar winner in 1940 for her role as Mammy in “Gone With the Wind”. In 2009, Heath Ledger won an Oscar for his role as the Joker in “The Dark Knight”, seventh months after his death. Who could forget Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie in 2014 that went viral on Twitter, or host Chris Rock’s monologue in 2016 about the lack of diversity in Oscar nominees? Even last year’s best picture mix-up, when “La La Land” was announced as the winner but it turned out to actually be “Moonlight.” The Academy Awards have always played a significant and iconic role in cinema throughout the years, and it will be exciting to see if any landmark events will occur at this year’s show.

The Traditions

There are certain traditions present in every awards show, and the Oscars are no different. Host Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue will touch on important events of this year, and will likely poke fun at the various actors and actresses who are nominated. Will he make a joke about Meryl Streep’s umpteenth nomination? Will he make any comments about how young Timothee Chamalet is? Will he order pizza for the crowd or take a different viral selfie? Viewers can also expect to see amazing performances, from Sufjan Stevens to Mary J. Blige and others who have performed film songs nominated for Oscars themselves. Let’s not forget about the fashion – the red carpet is sure to deliver on hundreds of beautiful dresses, refined suits, and statements that will have you swooning or calling the fashion polices. Either way – VALLEY bets you won’t be disappointed by the 90th Annual Academy Awards.

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