Abba Java: Home Away from Home


It’s no secret that coffee is often the main culprit of broke college students’ empty wallets. Five dollar iced coffees add up way quicker than most people expect. Luckily for Penn Staters, Abba Java, a downtown State College coffee house, knows this.

Welcome Week 2017


Welcome back, State! After a long summer away, it feels good to be back on campus. And while the start of a new year can be daunting, the first week of the semester holds lots of exciting—and free—events. Valley has the scoop on the best of Welcome Week.

Dear Incoming Freshman


Remember that night you spent cramming for an exam the next day, because you knew it would make or break your final grade? What about those endless SAT prep classes that would get you into a decent school? And that relentless voice inside your head nagging you about your GPA? Well, it all paid off!