Feed Me Funnies: Thanksgiving Stories

The dinner table at Thanksgiving is always a special time for families to share a meal and memories of the past year- or in my case, a chance for embarrassing stories and awkward topics to be discussed.

My table consists of 14 grand kids, six parents, two grandparents and a few significant others every year. Those “significant others” usually take the brunt of the jokes. After years of spending holidays together, most of us have perfected the dodge and rebound of dinner discussions– and we pray our guests can keep up.

Last year, my cousin’s boyfriend was introduced to the family. His fiery red hair and southern accent was quite distracting, to say the least. Our grandfather continually asked the poor kid to repeat words and phrases for clarification. This continued until someone asked for verification that he had a soul… to this he bit the bullet and replied, “No, it’s stuck in high school. Like you!” Who would have known that this was his ticket to family acceptance.

With this on my mind, I’ve asked around State for some memorable dinner table conversations.

Jillian Rosen, a senior, recalled a Thanksgiving dinner from when she was 10 years old. She and her cousin were sitting at the kids’ end of the table discussing the ups and downs of being in the double digits. Out of nowhere Jillian’s younger brother interrupts and asks them, “Have you two started wearing bras yet?” The embarrassment took over the two girls faces as they dodged the question. Jillian roars with laughter as she remembers the day.

Many conversations, as uncomfortable as they are, tend to be repeated year after year.

Rob Gates, senior, distinctly remembers his 50 year old Uncle Phil’s reference to bowel movements every year. These outrageously awkward comments are then retorted by Phil’s mother, “Oh Phil! Watch your language at the dinner table!”

Don’t let the embarrassment keep you down– entertaining family meals leave you with greats stories to tell back at school.

When I asked my roommate about her Thanksgivings, she replied, “I don’t really have those conversations. We just eat in the family room, in front of the TV with the dogs!”

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