Good Girls Revolt: An Ode to Girl Power

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The music. The parties. The fashion. The headlines. The struggles. The seventies. Thanks to Amazon’s newest masterpiece, “Good Girls Revolt,” this iconic decade can be the focus of your next television binge watch.

Three females take center stage in a series that focuses on the gender inequality, psychedelic atmosphere and racial stress of the late sixties and early seventies. It’s an eye-opening and refreshing glimpse at New York City life over forty years ago.

The camera follows the young, hip and bold Patti Robinson, played by Genevieve Angelson, as she navigates life as a researcher at the fictional “News of the Week” magazine. Dealing with the struggles and the uncertainty of the seventies, she befriends fellow researcher Cindy Reston, played by Erin Darke. Together, the two begin to lead a covert revolution amongst the other female researchers at the magazine.

At “News of the Week,” only men are allowed to report the news. The women work behind the scenes but do just as much work as the men. Even though some of the ladies have stellar literary voices, the published articles give the male reporters all of the credit.

Even though the date has changed, some of the issues discussed on the screen are still very relevant today. Even in 2016, America sees the violence that uneasy racial tensions birth. Women still fight for equal pay for equal work. And the young generation still craves excitement and change.

While the magazine title and characters are fictional, most of the plot lines are based on real-life events. In fact, the first episode introduces the Oscar-nominated late screenwriter Nora Ephron and the series was actually inspired by the book Good Girls Revolt by Lynn Povich.

“Good Girls Revolt” reminds Valley to thank the pioneers who came before us that fought for human rights. Watching a series that praises these powerful women is only a small way to thank them. The sixties and seventies might have been all about flower power, but Valley knows that they were definitely about girl power too.

So, if you are seeking an entertaining look into look into seventies culture, “Good Girls Revolt” is for you! Thanksgiving break is right around the corner, so what’s better than curling up your couch and binging a new series?

And as a bonus, students get to try Amazon Prime free for six months so that means tons of free streaming hours for you!