How to Bond With Your Roommate’s Boyfriend

In college, you’ll often realize your roommates are also your soul mates. When you live with someone, you learn everything about them and can easily become inseparable. Spending time with your roommates is an all day, every day thing that creates a foundation for life-long friendships.

But what happens when someone new, a male someone new, enters the picture and starts taking up your roomie’s time?

Roommates’ boyfriends – they are there whether you like them or not, so you might as well make an effort to get to know them. He means a lot to your roomie, and your roomie means a lot to you. Doing your best to get to know your roommate’s man is not as hard as it seems, and hey, you certainly could make a new friend in the process.

Having a night in is a great way to bond with a roommate’s significant other. Talking about movies and then watching one you both like is the perfect way to spend an evening. Maybe even ask your roomie ahead of time what kind of movies her guy likes and have it ready to go. It is a small, simple gesture that shows him you are open to giving him a chance and getting to know each other better. Plus, who doesn’t love watching a good movie?

Another way to extend the metaphorical hand of friendship is simply a dinner. Sophomore Claire Barber enjoys spending time with her roommate and her boyfriend.

“We will have nights where the three of us make dinner together and just hang out. We’ll play Mario Kart and stuff. I try to give them their space but at the same time I like the opportunities we have to all hang out,” Barber says.

A dinner does not by any means have to be five courses and labor intensive. Get together and pick out something easy and full of ingredients you all enjoy. After all, good food can turn just about anyone into friends.

If you are more of an adventurous group, try getting outdoors. Spending a couple hours on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon hiking Mt. Nittany is a perfect way to leave behind any distractions, do something fun, and have plenty of time to chat it up with your roomie’s boyfriend. You can even make it a whole day by packing a picnic lunch for the three of you. You will be enjoying some exercise and fresh air, all the while having quality bonding time.

Sharing your roomie can be hard. You want to have her to yourself, but you also realize you are not the only person she wants to spend time with. So, show her you support her relationship by reaching out her boyfriend and getting to know him a little better.

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