Your Guide to PSU Fitness Classes

Photo by Kimberly Hutchison

One of the hidden treasures of gym memberships at Penn State is the variety of fitness classes that can be attended at any of the three fitness buildings, the IM Building, Rec Hall and the White Building. These classes are free for those with a gym membership and can be attended a number of times throughout the day. The majority of classes are offered on weekdays in the White Building from 8 a.m. and 9 p.m., so they are perfect to get energized at the start of the day or wind down at the end.

Students who don’t typically work out can utilize the instructor-led classes to learn better exercise technique. Students that find themselves at the gym on a regular basis can learn new workouts to mix up their routine. Fitness classes are also beneficial to people that struggle with self-motivation and discipline. The instructors help guide you through the workouts by ensuring that everyone is doing the movements correctly and keeping the class pumped up. Picking what class to attend can be hard, but Valley has outlined a few to get you started.

Yoga and Pilates

On the lighter side of the exercise classes are the Yoga and Pilates classes. Yoga is a very relaxing class, with a heavy focus on breathing and stretching. Pilates is a little more intense and more focused on core strength, but still manages to keep a relaxed and calm vibe. Both classes help to warm up before going to the gym, or can act as some light exercise to end your work out after the gym. Molly Nelson, a senior majoring in Public Relations, is an instructor for Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, and Power Remix. “Try out all fitness classes because, when I was a freshman, I was scared to try it and I went with my friends and ended up really liking it,” says Molly.

Power Remix and Washboard Abs

Two very college student-friendly classes are Power Remix and Washboard Abs. Power Remix is a designed to be a fitness class for the college students that want to work out, but want to enjoy themselves while they do it. It is a cardio-based class designed to combine moderately paced hip-hop dance moves with horizontal and lateral movements to raise the heart rate. If you enjoy dancing, even if you don’t have any prior dance experience, this class is a fun and light way to stay active.

Washboard Abs is a class that works well for the busy college student who wants to work out but doesn’t feel like they have enough time to do it. This is a short, but very intense, 20 minute class that focuses on the abs for the entirety of the time with little break time in between exercises.

Total Muscle Challenge and Calorie Killer

Some of the more extreme classes are Total Muscle Challenge and Calorie Killer. Each of these classes incorporates hand weights with cardio and body weight exercises. They are both designed to fluctuate the heart rate between high and low intensity workouts. The music can be described as both intense and fun, similar to the way the instructors keep the mood of the class. Both classes are very rigorous and good for anyone who is looking to sweat.

For a complete fitness class schedule, visit here or pick up a paper copy at the front desk next to the Fitness Center. To find what classes you want to attend weekly, try as many classes as you can and then highlight those classes on your weekly schedule at the times that work best for you. Fitness classes are one way that students can stay active at Penn State. Remember to take advantage now because these classes, provided by PSU Fitness, will be gone as soon as you move your tassel to the other side of the cap.