Your Eyelash Curler Has to Go and Here’s Why

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For many, the eyelash curler is a staple piece of their beauty tool collection. However, according to beauty industry experts, our trusty tool may be doing more harm than good. VALLEY knows you hate to read it, and we hate to tell you, but your lash curler has got to go.

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Your eyelashes and the skin surrounding your eye are extremely delicate. Eyelash curlers are essentially a small clamp that forces your lashes into a curled shape. Applying this pressure on a daily basis to your eyelashes and eyelid is bound to do some damage.

The consistent clamping motion, when not performed carefully, has great potential to cause damage at the root of the lash, which could lead to fallout and breakage of natural lashes, the depletion of the natural shape, and potential damage to the waterline.

In addition, just like the rest of your makeup tools, eyelash curlers need to be cleaned regularly or they can breed all kinds of bacteria which you don’t want anywhere near your eye. If the metal pieces are not regularly cleaned and the silicone pads are not replaced. This bacteria can be harmful to the hair follicles on the waterline and could potentially spread inside the eye, leading to infection or long term eye damage.

We just came at you with some scary stuff regarding your beloved beauty tool, so here are some alternative methods and products that will get you off your eyelash curler wave.

Opt for a lengthening mascara with a thin bristle brush that allows separation of the lashes. This will provide a wispy look to the eye and as the lash curler is used less and less, the natural shape and length of the lashes will work beautifully with a lengthening mascara.

We love the Telescopic mascara by L’Oreal‘; it is an affordable option and lengthens and curls lashes without the help of a lash curler.

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Lash care outside of makeup application is also an absolute must. Before bed, try for a natural lash treatment such as biotin oil or 100% castor oil. These oils stimulate hair repair and growth. To apply, take a small amount of your desired oil and distribute it throughout the lashes and atop the lash line on the eyelid with a gentle eyelash comb and thin applicator brush.

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As for the lash curlers you may already have, we do have means of repurposing them to avoid them ending up directly in a landfill. Recycling the metal and plastic pieces of the eyelash curler is always a viable option.

If you had a lash curler that you’d invested in or just do not want to recycle it, some serve as a great bathroom or vanity decor, aligned with some glass perfume bottles, candles, or on resin plates next to your make up collection.

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To avoid long term lash damage, let’s allow our eyelash curlers to function as aesthetic decor rather than an everyday beauty tool.

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