Your Best At-Home Pedicure

You might be able to get away with neglecting your feet through combat boots and converse season, but now that summer is in full swing, it’s inevitable: you need a pedicure.

Though a necessity for summer, pedicures at professional salons can come at a price that not all of us are willing to pay every two to three weeks. Here, Valley‘s tips to give yourself a professional quality pedicure at home (for less than half the price), so you can stay sandal-ready all year round!

Soften and Soak

Part of the reason people love pedicures is because they’re so relaxing. This is all starts from the moment the manicurist dips your feet into a warm bath as they prepare you for your treatment. Make your own foot soak at home using a small basin or even your tub. Fill with warm water and add epsom salts or a even a bath bomb (our favorites are from LUSH.) Adding these will soften the water and add an aromatherapy element to your at-home pedicure.

86 the Calluses

One of the biggest differences you usually see between professional and at-home pedicures is the amount of calluses left after a treatment. Salon professionals often use pumice stones to scrub feet and remove dead skin. Some of the best pumice sponges we found are super easy to purchase and incredibly inexpensive from Amazon. Gently scrub the roughest areas of your feet to reveal a fresh, smooth surface.

Scrub until Smooth

To further exfoliate your feet and calves, a professional manicurist will often use a exfoliating scrub. Though you can purchase one for relatively expensive at most drug stores, we prefer to make ours at home! Basic table sugar with a small amount of coconut oil or hair conditioner makes a quick and easy exfoliant for your at home pedicure. Massage into your feet and calves using circular motions to remove dead skin cells.

File, Trim, Shape

Pedicure kits and easy to find and relatively inexpensive at most local drugstores. Start by trimming any excessively long nails and follow by filing into your desired shape. Soften your cuticles using coconut or olive oil and then either push back with a cuticle pusher or trim using pedicure clippers. The professionals might have a leg up on their shaping and trimming skills, but with enough practice, you won’t be able to tell the difference!

Polish Like a Pro

No matter what polish you’re using, it’s always a good idea to start with a base coat. One of our favorite is Chip Skip by OPI. Though an investment of almost $14, a little goes a long way and will last you for months to come. If you’re looking to stray outside your comfort zone of a basic pedi, we recommend using dotting tools to create your own design. Dotting tools make it easy to create polka dots, stripes, and more advanced designs with a little practice. Our favorite set is from Amazon for less than $2!

Finally, make sure you get the most out of your hard work by finishing with a layer or two of top coat. We highly suggest Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat available for under $10 at Ulta.