Why Your Parents Rock

IMG_0716We often forget that as we are growing older, so are our parents. Living away at school means less time you get to spend with them, but is a chance to better your relationship. Even if you don’t talk to your mom or dad on a daily basis, it’s important to acknowledge all that they have done for you and remember why they genuinely rock.

1. They’ll love and accept you no matter what

Your parents rock because they love you even at your worst. They won’t turn their back on you because you failed a test, look terrible without makeup on, or lost your phone twice in one week. Your parents have done the dirtiest of jobs while raising you and even accepted you when you were evil mini human beings in middle school. They won’t break your heart like a boy might and they will definitely be there for you when one does.

2. They give good advice

Your parents already lived through everything you are currently going through. They really do know what they are talking about and will give you the advice you need, even if it isn’t what you want to hear. Moms will tell you when your split-ends are noticeable and be honest if your outfit looks like you just walked off the set of Lil Wayne’s music video. Moms rock because they teach you how to do laundry, clean, cook, and be well mannered.

Moms will teach you how to be a lady and Dads will teach you how a lady should be treated. Dads are put on earth to teach you about financial savings, help lead you on the right career path, and remind you that you are a precious being and should only be treated with the utmost respect. Dads rock because they are the kings and their daughters are their princesses. They teach you that self-respect and confidence is what fascinates a real man’s heart and that polished toes will make or break a first date. In case of emergency, you are also capable of changing a flat tire all thanks to your Dad.

3. They are your biggest cheerleaders

Parents rock because they are your number one support system. They are the people cheering for you at your sports games, giving you a standing ovation at your last dance recital, and whistling loud and proud at your graduations. They will love you just as much whether you are valedictorian of your class or an average student. The best parents will stand by you even if you marry someone of another religion or background, if you are gay or straight, or if you hit rock bottom and need a hand to help you back up.

4. The older you get, the more of a friendship you develop

Not everyone is lucky enough to be best friends with their parents. As you grow up, it becomes clearer how much you actually need your parents in your life. If your parents rock, you will recognize that young adulthood is a great time to open up to your parents. Tell them about the party you threw in high school, the boy who broke your heart, and what your aspirations are for the future. You might just realize that your parents are actually your best friends.

Parents rock because they are your rock. It may seem like they’ve had their life perfectly organized for as long as they’ve lived, but they too were once a kid, a teen, a struggling –possibly poor–college student. They too make mistakes and learn from them. Your parents rock because they’ve had years and years of good and bad experiences, passed down instructions they learned from their parents, and are wiser than you are.

With this little reminder of an essay, go thank them for giving you the life you are fortunate enough to live and tell them why they rock.


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