Why Netflix Original Series Dominate

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Within the past few years, streaming services— such as Netflix and Hulu— have taken over the TV industry. Netflix, in particular, has perfected the concept of providing content that has already been released for viewers to watch again or “binge watch” if they had never seen it before. Now, Netflix is also distributing its own original productions. Shows such as “Orange Is the New Black,” “House of Cards,” and most recently, “Stranger Things,” are prime examples of Netflix originals — which are series, specials, documentaries, and films specifically created for and exclusively displayed on Netflix.

What’s So Great?

The largest reason why Netflix users love the streaming service so much is the convenience in viewing their favorite shows. The introduction of Netflix originals surpassed that convenience and made the website a more exclusive viewing experience. With the original series feature, Netflix releases an entire new season at a time, so there are usually about 10 episodes to watch immediately. The variety that Netflix already provides is substantial, and that has only increased with the addition of Netflix originals.

The New Viewer

With so many people choosing to use subscription services instead of cable, there is no need to pay for both, which is a huge factor into why Netflix users don’t mind the $11.99 per month for a Premium subscription. Other services like these — such as Spotify for music — are used by many college students, because these online sources are the best ways for us to pay for and receive only the content that we specifically want.

Something for Everyone

Netflix originals span a wide range of genres from science fiction series, to timepiece documentaries, to dramatic movies. There is something for everyone who appreciates television and film, and the production is outstanding. There is a certain aesthetic to the way these specific shows are created, so next time you are scrolling through late at night, click on the “Netflix Originals” tab and begin a season one.

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