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Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the tabloids and general public have been eager to learn of King Charles III’s approach as King and whether it will usher in a new period of success, following in the footsteps of such an influential monarch. What has King Charles been up to and what are the big plans for his upcoming coronation?

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King Charles III’s accession took place on Sept. 10th, 2022, just two days after the Queen’s passing. For those that don’t know, accession is a time to usher in the new monarch stepping into their role in office. The minute Queen Elizabeth II passed the role of king fell to the next in line— Charles. As soon as one monarch leaves, their predecessor immediately becomes the new heir. The accession is held by the Accession Council, made up of official members of state, high sheriffs, etc. They are in charge of meeting after the death of the monarch to make a formal announcement concerning the monarch’s death and a proclamation of the new sovereign. Normally, an accession occurs within the first 24 hours after the death of a monarch, but due to travel restrictions, the accession of King Charles III was delayed a day.

On September 10th, King Charles took an oath to maintain the role and responsibilities of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

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The coronation is the official ceremony celebrating and crowning the new monarch. Attendees are representatives from nations across the world as well as other established positions of political importance. On the day, King Charles III will be blessed by the archbishop and will receive the royal orb and scepter, alongside his crown before sitting on the throne. The orb and scepter symbolize the monarch’s relationship with God.

The details of the event have yet to be set in stone, but from what we do know, the planning for the coronation is “Operation Golden Orb”. It is yet to be announced whether Prince Harry will be taking an active role in the planning of the coronation, though Prince William is.

The coronation will take place at Westminster Abbey, reportedly with 2,000 guests, four times smaller than Queen Elizabeth II’s guest list at her coronation. During the coronation, Camilla will also be crowned Queen Consort. Following, there may also be a procession through the capital where fans can see the crowned King and Queen. For everyone else unable to take part in such a monumental moment, the coronation will be broadcast live around the world. 

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Since the accession of King Charles III and Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, the King has taken to his royal duties. So far, we know that the royal tour is in the works, in which the monarch will make his official visit to commonwealth countries as an extension of friendship and a show of investment regarding established relationships. King Charles will meet with important officials as well as locals. Specific stops are still being decided. 

As for the King’s living situation, he has chosen to split his time between his home of Clarence House, Windsor Castle and Sandringham House.

On Monday, October 17th, he was in Aberdeen, greeting and listening to stories of families from Afganistan, Syria and Ukraine and the refuge they have experienced in Aberdeen. 

Other recent outings include the king and his wife visiting Project Zero, learning about community cohesion and visiting Aberdeenshire. He has also welcomed Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia and President of the Gabonese Republic to Buckingham Palace. The King has been nothing short of busy, making an honorable impression on supporters of the favored, never-forgotten Queen Elizabeth II.

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