What’s the Deal with Crystal Deodorant?

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Crystal deodorant is becoming popular on the internet as a way to practice sustainability and eliminate ingredients like aluminum from the daily routine. So-called natural deodorants already have less of the bad stuff people are hoping to get away from, so what is crystal deodorant and do we really need it? 

Let’s face it, everyone has dealt with body odor at some time or another. At that ~special time~ in middle school, we all flocked to the stores in search of the most fragrant stick of Secret and started to smell like an all-expenses-paid vacation to Hawaii. Coating our underarms in vanilla, floral or cupcake-scented goodness, we chose a signature scent to mask the delightful musk of puberty and never looked back. 

Within the last several years, people have been tossing their antiperspirants in the trash and swapping them for natural alternatives in hopes of detoxing their daily routine. A closer look at the ingredients list revealed that aluminum, which acts as an antiperspirant in most deodorants, is not the best for us. The main concern with aluminum in deodorant has to do with fears that consistent use may lead to breast cancer. 

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Truth be told, that information is not set in stone. Many studies have been conducted with no conclusive evidence backing up that link between aluminum and the production of cancerous cells in breast tissue. Still, many people are set on ditching their current deodorant and switching to something more natural. Whether the change is because of health concerns or skin irritation, natural deodorant can be a great way to clean up your morning routine. 

The most recent trend in natural underarm hygiene is crystal deodorant — a not-so-new invention that’s been used in countries across Asia for centuries. It works by using one main ingredient called potassium alum, aka mineral salt, that deodorizes but does not stop sweat production. This isn’t like your typical powder or gel deodorant. It lasts much longer and doesn’t leave residue behind on your skin or clothes. All it takes to activate the stone is a little bit of water and you’re good to go. 

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Many natural brands that make these deodorants, like Crystal or Biork, use essential oils for any fragrance they may add to the minerals to minimize the chance of skin irritation. These brands also claim that their crystal deodorant sticks will prevent odor for up to 24 hours, however, users of other types of natural deodorant know that not all products are created equal. Some brands may not be as effective as others, which is why it is important to try out different options and see what works best with your body. 

If you’re looking to go natural with your products, crystal deodorant is the next big thing to test out. It typically comes in eco-friendly packaging and costs roughly the same as other natural deodorants.

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  • Avatar Danny says:

    For those trying to get away from aluminum, why bring this to their attention? It is a mash up of potassium sulfate and aluminum. Specifically called potash of alum. Or potassium sulfate aluminum. Makes no sense to bring this up as an app natural aluminum free deodorant.

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