What’s Really in Old Main?

Photo by Steph Distasio

We pass it everyday and take the obligatory Instagram when the lighting is just right. Old Main is the focal point of our campus, but how many of us actually know what happens inside that beautiful building?

Valley asked students what they thought was really in Old Main, and some of their answers are entertaining, yet thought provoking. Could they be right?

Kathleen Ritter, sophomore at Penn State, believes the rumors that Joe Paterno’s statue is in the basement of Old Main to be true. The legendary statue that once graced the perimeter of Beaver Stadium was removed in 2012. The whereabouts of the statue is unknown so maybe the stories are true and it really is in the bottom of Old Main…

“I think that there is a swimming pool full of our tuition dollars that the board of trustees does backstrokes in,” says junior at Penn State, John Riess.

If that’s really what is in Old Main, at least we know our money is being put to good use!

Sophomores Stephanie Walz and Jamie Bernstein imagine that there is a real nittany lion in Old Main. And this nittany lion probably doesn’t do backflips and one-armed pushups.

Jonathan Skewes, sophomore at Penn State, says, “There’s probably a huge trampoline in the middle of Old Main that President Eric Barron jumps on when he is stressed out.” Maybe President Barron is the one doing backflips instead of the lion.

The ironic thing about this is that Old Main is open during the day for anyone to go in. Although there might not be a swimming pool full of money or a giant trampoline, this building is a part of Penn State’s heritage and every student should check it out before they graduate.


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