What’s In Your Little Black Bag?

kylin_LittleBlackBagLove to shop online? Welcome to the world of Little Black Bag.

Little Black Bag takes the fun of shopping online to a whole new level by offering shoppers a “Little Black Bag” full of items inspired by their personal style. CEO Dan Murillo and Buyer Katie Zuccolo helped Valley get to know the site tech-savvy college fashionistas are bound to love.

Little Black Bag fits into a category of interactive shopping sites, called social shopping.

“It’s a shared shopping experience that involves posting favorite items, giving gifts and, in the case of Little Black Bag, trading merchandise,” says Katie Zuccolo, buyer for Little Black Bag.

Here’s how it works:

Members start off by taking a style quiz. This quick, fun survey helps the stylists at Little Black Bag get a sense of a shopper’s preferences by having them choose what appeals to them.

The questions cover everything from handbags to beauty products, allowing the user to select photos of what catches their eye the most, or what they’d be likely to select in a store. From here, members begin their “Little Black Bag”.

There is a wide array of merchandise on the site to choose from, including styles from many popular designers.

“We sell handbags, accessories, jewelry and beauty products from hundreds of great brands like BCBGeneration, Steve Madden, Benefit Cosmetics and others,” Zuccolo says.

Once a shopper selects their favorite item, Little Black Bag generates a full bag of fashion, based on the member’s preferences. Depending on the price point chosen, the bag will include one to three additional items.

Finally, members can swap items with other site users. The site encourages users to trade items with other members in order to achieve their ideal Little Black Bag.

“You can swap any of your items with other members on the site. You get up to 7 days to trade your items,” she says.

Each month, shoppers can look forward to a brand new Little Black Bag filled with personalized fashions, as well as plenty of new merchandise to choose from.

“The merchandise team is experienced buyers who follow the fashion trends closely. We buy from wholesale vendors just like a department store buyer would do,” she says.

In addition, Little Black Bag shoppers can create their own profile page, providing them with a chance to get a little creative.

“Users can chat with others on the website to construct trades or obtain style advice, earn vanity badges or gift items from their bag to a friends,” Zuccolo says.

In just one year, Little Black Bag has grown to 500,000 members. Check it out at LittleBlackBag.com.

Photo by Kylin Chen

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