What Does Valentine’s Day Mean to Guys?

Biller_Valentine's Day_TonedWith February 14 quickly approaching, we decided to hit the streets and get a guy’s perspective on Valentine’s Day.  There is a stigma that Valentine’s Day is solely for the female population, but when we hit the streets we found out that there were some guys who have a positive outlook on the holiday.

“I don’t have a countdown to it, but I am aware that Valentine’s Day is next week and I will be ringing it in at McDonalds with my three roommates.  You don’t have to have a girlfriend to have a good time,” says Lee Thomas.

On February 14, McDonalds on East College Avenue will have their annual Valentine’s Day candlelight dinner.  This a great way to celebrate the day with your friends, someone you just started seeing, or your girlfriend/boyfriend of five years.  Everyone loves something at McDonalds.

What else will other people be up to on V Day?

“Well I am planning on taking out my girlfriend somewhere but I have no idea to be honest.  I just want to stay away from downtown State College,” says George Walker.

Our best advice is to listen to George. If you have transportation, getting away from is a great idea.  The downtown restaurants are packed on Valentine’s Day.

“I really don’t even care for Valentine’s Day but I know that it means something for her,” says Walker.

There you have it: chivalry is not dead just yet.  If you have another person that you are dating or care about, you should show your appreciation not just on February 14, but every time that you see them.

“I think that I am just going to stay in.  Odds are I’ll forget it’s Valentine’s Day,” says Nathan Heart.

Unless you’re surrounded by single friends or you’re in a relationship, it’s easy to forget about the big V Day.  We’re not in elementary school where we have to hand out those foil valentines to everyone in the class.

In the end it is not what you do on Valentine’s Day that matters but it is who you spend it with.

Whether or not you see it as any other day, or the best day ever, you now have an excuse to treat yourself to some chocolate and Ben & Jerry’s.

Photo by Kyle Biller


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