Wes Anderson: Director to Designer

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Fashion designers continue to draw inspiration through anything that speaks to them. They work to develop trends and fads to then inspire others. Gathering inspiration takes time as well as the brightest of minds.

Finding the perfect inspiration, however, takes time and patience. Out of all the things that inspire designers in the last decade, independent movie wardrobes have inspired designers everywhere. Not only are the designers inspired, but oftentimes we as customers fall in love with these indie movies as well and search to remake the outfits in our own unique way. Both customers and designers alike find creative ways to use the indie movie aesthetic to develop a new sense of style.

Wes Anderson films are the ultimate indie films to gather inspiration from. Characters such as Margot Tenenbaum from “The Royal Tenenbaums,” Suzy Bishop from “Moonrise Kingdom,” Jane Winslett-Richardson from “The Life Aquatic,” and Francis, Peter and Jack from “The Darjeeling Limited” have potentially inspired some of the greatest looks from famous designers’ fall fashion lines.

Margot Tenenbaum inspires short blond hair paired with beautiful heavy fall/winter coats. While the movie was made in 2001, her style has never fell off from the face of the fashion world. A heavy coat, a short and slick haircut, a secret cigarette and an attitude is what designers deem as something that is never going out of style. While it is now 17 years later, this aesthetic is still seen in Ermanno Scervino’s 2018 fall collection.

Suzy Bishops’ young, rebellious and troubled soul is a trendsetter among us all. Suzy adores and channels sweet, innocent and girly looks, wearing simplistic pink dresses and coats. She pairs these looks with childhood sneakers and knee-high white socks. Gucci used this to inspire a youthful yet elegant look designed to create an ethereal fall 2018 runway line.

Jane Winslett-Richardson, the tomboy of the Wes Anderson films, wears army green and earthy tones inspiring a soft military look. While her character is ignited with a fiery spirit and adventurous attitude, the low-safari look inspired Dion Lee’s fall collection that worked on the screen and on the runway.

Lastly, we see the designer, Antonio Marras’ fall collection inspired by the sleek suits worn by Francis, Peter and Jack. While men’s suits are a classic look found on runways everywhere, Marras perfected the three brothers look into beautiful pantsuits for women which rocked the runway this fall.


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