Weirdough’s Pizza is Hosting a “Free Britney Day”

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Oops they did it again! Weirdough’s Custom Pizzeria in downtown State College is hosting another event, and it is in honor of Britney Spears and Women’s History Month. 

“Free Britney Day” will be held March 8 from 5 to 8 p.m. and will consist of many events such as a costume contest, a live DJ, a dance-off, and more, as well as prizes being given away throughout the night.

It is now March which means it is Women’s History Month, and the owner of Weirdoughs, Joseph Boss, wanted to bring awareness to it.

“This month has to be the month that we go out here and really serve this community, raise awareness, first and foremost, but have fun, too,” Boss said.

Thus, the idea of “Free Britney Day” was born.

“I said I liked Britney Spears, and [the others in the office] laughed,” said Boss. However, after playing his team some Britney Spears on his bump box, they all agreed to do a day in honor of her.

To enter the event, temperature checks will be given, and social distance will be emphasized while there. 

“It was more focused on how do we make this fun in a COVID era?’ And then the ideas came off of the wall,” Boss said.

According to Boss, the Weirdough’s team went through all of their ideas to make sure they were COVID safe.

To begin the night, a Britney Spears costume contest will be held and the winner will receive a cash prize. 

Then, there will be a multiple-choice trivia contest where there will be multiple prizes, one of which is a free pizza ticket.

There will also be a socially-distanced dance contest where the live DJ will play an all-Britney dance mix, and the winners will receive cash prizes. 

The final main event will be a peaceful protest for Britney Spears that will raise awareness not only for her but for Women’s History Month.

On top of this, there will be a Britney Spears cake, balloons, and a smoke machine. There will also be a videographer and photographer at the event.

Weirdough’s will be promoting $5.99 pizzas this day, and anyone who buys a pizza will have their name entered into a jar, and towards the end of the night, a name will be picked from the jar and the winner will receive free pizzas once a week for a year.

“Each and every year, Women’s History Month is a really big month for [Weirdough’s],” Boss said. “I believe that the company has to now align itself with demographics and with what women want.”

According to Boss, more and more women have been hired into the company.

He believed that “Free Britney Day” will help bring Women’s History Month more awareness in a fun way.

“We’re just gonna have fun with this,” Boss said, “and there is no better school to do it at than Penn State.”


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