Wearing Lace: Naughty or Nice

It might not be Christmas time, but determining whether or not you’ve been naughty or nice is still in full effect. It isn’t just how you act that determines whether you’ve been naughty or nice, but what you wear as well. Be careful – that little lace dress or kimono you’ve been hiding in your closet may just land you on the naughty list this spring.

Lace is one of those tricky fabrics that can send mixed messages (not to give spandex and sequins short shrift – but that’s a whole other article) and sometimes it isn’t giving off quite the vibe we’d intended. We’re all about flaunting what you’ve got and letting your freak flag fly, but let’s make sure that flag is waving in your desired direction. Presenting: Valley‘s guide to lace, naughty vs. nice edition.


When it comes to wearing lace, most people immediately picture a pretty and flowy white lace dress. You might choose to wear lace with bohemian accessories, creating a vibe as carefree as the music festival it was born to be worn to. Or you can wear your lace with pearls and other ladylike accessories (feathers, anybody?), creating a classy and sophisticated look.


There’s nothing wrong with having fun and being a little naughty when it comes to you wardrobe. Especially with lace, you have the chance to spice things up for the appropriate occasion. Lace is inherently risqué due to its sheer/almost see-through construction. If you are going out to the club or bar, a lace top communicates that you are confident enough to show a little skin without revealing everything. Try pairing it with minimal accessories so that the fabric is the main attraction (Don’t forget: Victoria’s Secret always has great sales for matching bra and panties that come in a lace pattern, so have fun with that – if dare).

Or you can let things get 50 shades of fierce by pairing lace with leather accessories. You definitely won’t be mistaken for the blushing bride on her wedding day with this take on lace – instead you’ll be the bad ass maid-of-honor who won’t be throwing out her little black book anytime soon.

With that being said—only six more months until the verdict is in. What will Santa be marking down on his list this year?

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