We Are…In A Tent!

Spirited PSU football fans setup camp outside Beaver stadium Wednesday night hoping to score the best seats for the Homecoming game versus Northwestern. The tent city, previously coined “Paternoville,” lives and thrives by a new name now- Nittanyville.

“Changing the name has been under discussion for many years. The committee always wondered what we’d do if Joe Paterno was no longer coaching. So, after the events of this summer, we decided it’s time to change the name,” says Christopher Grassi, webmaster and graduate adviser of Nittanyville.

Grassi has spent 8 years of his collegiate career participating in Nittanyville and says, “After being involved for so long, it’s very weird not saying ‘Paternoville.’ Changing the name was a move that was never going to be the 100% right decision.”

Although the name has been changed, the atmosphere and spirit remains the same. Grassi notes that Nittanyville’s opening week had an above average count in student participation.

“Once you’ve had a chance to sit front row, nothing else is really satisfactory,” Grassi says.

Being a participant in Nittanyville has many perks besides a shot at great seats. Nittanyville gives students a chance to bond with others and create memories you couldn’t make anywhere else.

For instance, Coach Bill O’Brien and several football players passed out free pizza to the campers. There isn’t much luxury when sleeping outside, but this kind of treatment can be considered “first class.”

With just under 400 campers present for this Nittanyville, it’s safe to say the dedication and enthusiasm hasn’t changed in spite of recent events.

“The committee keeps us energized with all the chanting and singing we do throughout the week. This keeps us pumped until game day and makes Nittanyville a must-have experience every student should do before they graduate,” says Molly Grover, a Penn State student.

So if you’re avid football fan, grab a tent, some friends, and support your team this year by sleeping under stadium lights, for the glory!

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