We Are All Connected Through Our Invisible Strings

No one likes the waiting game, but one day that string that connects us and our perfect person will reveal itself at the right time. It gets exhausting to hear “right person, wrong time” or “when will I meet the one?”

Phrases like these grow our hopelessness, but there is a theory that can shift this outlook to something more positive. This is the Invisible String Theory.  

An Invisible String?  

Yes, this theory outlines how we all are connected in some way through a string and will meet when the time feels right. This applies to a relationship or a friendship, where someone who may fulfill our lives with enrichment and happiness will happen at some point in time. The theory emphasizes patience, which is grueling to hear as we all want to experience the “best things to ever happen to us” at once. It is not that simple. Strings do not lay out perfectly when presented. A string can stretch, scrunch, fray and tangle.  

Before popularized on TikTok and other social platforms, the Invisible String theory existed centuries before known as the Red String theory. This theory was an East Asian belief that holds similar values of us being destined to meet regardless of time, place or location, connected by a red string that stretches and knots along the way.  

The fluctuating string resembles events that happen in our lives. In our timelines, we do not experience a boring life (even if at times it feels like that). Every individual experiences hardships, trauma and love that shape them, while on the journey to that person on the other end of the string.  

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The Pretzel Icebreaker Analogy  

Think of the theory like that random icebreaker everyone played once during summer camp or any other extracurricular. The icebreaker goes by the Human Knot game or Human Pretzel game where a group of people stand shoulder to shoulder in a circle and take their left arm and grab another random arm and repeat with the right arm. Then, everyone tries to untangle the knot without letting go. The game requires communication and patience to untangle the knot.  

We all are in that knot with our strings intertwined with one another. Our arms connected to someone represent our strings attached to the person we desire most. The game can attest to our patience, like life, but persevering through can lead to our best outcome.  

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Breathe, Our Invisible Strings Will Meet Soon 

The Invisible String theory can ease our restless minds on finding the one or meeting our best friend in the entire world. Time is of the essence, especially with a contentious tangling string. People are placed into our lives at times of need, whether they may have stood in front of you this whole time or appeared out of nowhere.  

It does not matter, as tugging on our strings can only lengthen our time of meet. As of now, we can only live presently to prepare for whatever happens in the future, which only awaits more meaningful and good life events.   

We all participate in the waiting game and time will make up for whoever is on the end of that string or strings. The theory is not applicable to one, single relationship but a multitude of relationships we all experience. Again, we are all connected in one way or another in a world full of invisible strings.  

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