#WCW: Women You Actually Want to Crush on This Wednesday

Photo posted by Ashley Graham | @theashleygraham

At Valley, we love the celebration of strong and empowering women, so #WCW is our jam. This week, choose a woman that is not only gorgeous, but inspires you in your desired field, or in other aspects of their life.

Here are some lovely ladies that inspire us:

  1. Sarah Koenig: The host of the internationally acclaimed podcast show, “Serial,” is not just a radio personality, but is the lead investigator of all the stories she covers. She pours all of her time and effort into finding out as much as she can about her subjects and their cases in order to try and sort out all the ambiguity that drew her to these cases in the first place. She is definitely a woman who is determined and shows us how to stay the course. Also, she conquers the world right from State College!
  2. Emma Watson: All the Harry Potter fanatics out there have been celebrating Watson since the day she premiered as Hermione Granger, but she has proven to us time and time again that she is all about female empowerment and bursting through glass ceilings. With all the work that she has been doing to create and maintain equality of the genders as well as fight for female rights, celebrate her this Wednesday for her brain and her persistence in being a feminist and a humanitarian.
  3. Stephanie Tanner: OK so she’s not technically a real person, but on the show Fuller House (which just premiered last spring) she is a bad-to-the-bone international DJ and singer that is all about living her own life and accomplishing her dreams. But she is also all about sacrificing her time and career to help the ones she loves, which we think is just as bad-to-the-bone.
  4. Ashley Graham: Known for being the first plus-sized model on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, she is so much more than that. She is a strong advocate for body-image positivity and self-love, regardless of your shape or size. She is also a strong businesswoman who has her own lingerie line and is working on a swimsuit collection as well. She makes sure she doesn’t let anyone’s guidelines or boundaries keep her from her goals. Plus, she just starred as Joe Jonas’s love interest in DNCE’s music video for their song Toothbrush!

Women Crush Wednesday is way more than just celebrating women for their looks. It is about celebrating women for being their best and bossiest selves! Go get ’em ladies!