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emma-watson-at-noah-premiere-in-madrid_1Woman Crush Wednesday (#WCW) is often used as an excuse for people to post pictures of ‘pretty’ or ‘hot’ women. Personally, I’ve always believed that #WCW should be about more than outer appearance.  #WCW gives us the chance to post about women who are not only considered to be physically attractive but who are also talented, genuinely good people, and positive role models. I have a few #WCWs, but for me there is one ultimate #WCW: Emma Watson. Here’s why Emma is the ultimate #WCW.

She’s got brains

While filming Harry Potter, Emma completed her schooling receiving ten A grades, her GSCEs, and straight As in her A-Levels (for non-Brits, this means Emma basically got a 4.0 GPA). After finishing Harry Potter, Emma enrolled at Brown University and is set to graduate this semester.

She doesn’t act like a conceited celebrity

Despite being on of the biggest young stars of our time, Emma hasn’t let it all get to her head. With a fortune of more than £25 million pounds (around $41 million), Emma could be living a lavish life, but instead Emma lives relatively simply (did you know she only has about eight pairs of shoes?). Emma’s also said the most expensive things she’s spent her money on are her education at Brown, and a Toyota Prius.

She’s a great role model

Even though Emma already had an acting career, she still valued her education enough to attend college. Emma also avoids any dramas and stays out of the tabloids, much unlike many other child stars. If that isn’t enough, Emma is quite vocal about how Hollywood and the entertainment industry creates a warped sense of beauty and ideal body image.

She’s not just a pretty face

Emma’s talents are vast and varied. Her acting talents can be seen in the variety of characters she’s played over the years; from a witch in Harry Potter, to one of the infamous Hollywood Hills Burglars in “The Bling Ring”, to Noah’s adopted daughter in the recently released “Noah”. Another of Emma’s talents is painting; a photo one of her amazing self-portraits recently surfaced online.

Who is YOUR ultimate #WCW? 

Photo credit: celebmafia.com 

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