#WCW: Chrissy Teigen

Photo posted by E! Online | Instagram (@eonline)

Whether you know her as a Sports Illustrated model or from the hilarious meme that broke the Internet after the Golden Globes, Chrissy Teigen is more than just a pretty face.

Besides new mommy-to-be, Teigen holds more titles other than singer John Legend’s wife. The The 29-year-old model is also a Twitter comedian, TV show host, and culinary extraordinaire. This woman is the full package, and that is why she is our #WCW this week.

For starters, she is probably the only person who can make fast food look glamorous. Cheeseburgers, pizza and sweets seem to have made their way into Teigen’s model diet. Between her food blog, Delushious, and endless Instagram posts of mouthwatering dishes, its no wonder she is writing her own cookbook. Delushious is filled with unbelievable recipes from Teigen herself and recipes her loyal readers have sent in. If you are ever feeling ambitious, definitely take a peek at her recipes.

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In addition to her blog, it would be an understatement to say that Teigen’s Twitter game is just simply on point. Her tweets are relatable, funny, and they convince you that she is your long-lost BFF. She has no shame tweeting what we’re all thinking but too embarrassed to say ourselves. She is our true spirit animal.

Besides having an envious model career, Teigen is also the host of two television shows, Lip Sync Battle on Spike and FABlife, where she shares the hosting gig with the fabulous Tyra Banks. Casual.

While Teigen is hilarious most of the time, she has also been serious and vocal with social issues, particularly body image. Even with being a model, Teigen refers to herself as “skinny fat”. She recently made news when she responded to YouTube personality, Nicole Arbour’s video titled “Dear Fat People”. In the video, Arbour claimed that body shaming is “not a thing”. Teigen responded to the video in an interview with People Now saying, “Yes, Nicole, there is such a thing as fat-shaming,” she said, “and you’re doing it right now.”

She is constantly promoting a positive body image for women, not only against body shaming, but also the popular “Free the Nipple” campaign for gender equality. Teigen posted a photo from a topless shoot to Instagram, however Instagram was not too pleased with this and deleted the photo from her account… several times. We admire her relentlessness.

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If you haven’t already realized just how awesome Chrissy Teigen, consider how perfect her and John Legend are. Seriously. Two words: Power couple. Through adorable pictures and the occasional video of them cooking together, we are allowed to live vicariously through their relationship. And yes, “All of Me” was written for Chrissy Teigen. *swoon*

Check out Chrissy’s hilarious tweets and follow her on Twitter!