#WCW: Aspiring Sports Broadcaster, Erin Johnson

Photo courtesy of Erin Johnson

The Penn State campus is jam-packed with inspiring students, professors and staff members.  This week, VALLEY spoke to one of these amazing people, Erin Johnson.

Erin is a junior from Alexandria, Virginia, which is right outside of DC.  She is studying Sports Broadcast Journalism and is pursuing a minor in Global and International Studies.  When she is not studying and doing schoolwork, you can find Erin hanging out with her sorority sisters, helping out with THON and attending her many club meetings.

Erin’s love for sports has greatly impacted her career choices.  For as long as she can remember, she has been playing and watching all different sports.  

Sports have always just been my thing. I think that they’re really fun to play on a competitive level and really exciting to watch,” she says.  

Erin has also always had a love for writing as it was her best subject in school.  With encouragement from her mom, she decided to combine the two and pursue a career in sports broadcast journalism.

Since the moment Erin stepped foot on campus, she immersed herself in all things that had to do with sports journalism.  She is a member of the John Curley Center for Sports Journalists, the Association of Women in Sports Media and PSNtv Sports Night.  On top of these commitments, Erin is also currently an intern for Penn State Athletics.    

Aside from sports journalism clubs, Erin was a THON 2017 Hospitality committee member and is the current president of her sorority, Sigma Kappa.  Erin is the face of the Penn State Chapter of Sigma Kappa.

“I am honored to represent a prominent organization and amazing women,” she says.

As a recipient of the Caroline A. Bange Memorial Scholarship, Erin says she couldn’t believe that she won. 

“I was unbelievably happy and excited,” she says.

After graduating from college, Erin sees herself gaining experience in a small sports network until she is able to fulfill her career dreams.

She says, “It is honestly hard to say where I would end up after college, but hopefully one day, I will be working for a major sports network as a sideline reporter.”


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