#WCW: Adele

Photo posted by Adele | Instagram (@adele)

It has been a long four years since Adele Adkins has graced us with one of her love songs. As of Oct. 23, she is officially back and slaying the music industry with her latest single, “Hello,” making her the ultimate #WCW.

In 2012, it was nearly impossible to turn on the radio without hearing the singer’s booming voice gracing our ears with one of the hits from her album, “21”. Needless to say, “Rolling in the Deep” and “Someone like You” have become instant heartbreak therapy songs and classics to belt out in the shower. Even if you have never been through a bad breakup, the passion and heartache in her songs gives you an almost palpable idea of what it is like. Her music moves you.

In the same year that Adele got vocal surgery and had a baby, she dominated the 54th annual Grammy Awards, winning 6/6 categories she was nominated for. However, Adele’s achievements over the last few years do not end with “21” going platinum 9x in the United States (seriously, that happened). She also recorded the theme song for the 2012 James Bond film “Skyfall,” which she performed at the Oscars in 2013 and won several awards for.


“Hello” has generated impatience and yearn for her new album, which will inevitably be on replay for at least the next year. This year, Christmas is coming early with her album “25” being released on Nov. 20. And if that doesn’t excite you enough, she will be performing on the Today Show on Nov. 17 in New York City. Thanksgiving break will be that much better with Adele in our lives again.

In an open letter to Twitter about her new album, Adele writes, “My last record was a break-up record and if I had to label this one, I would call it a make-up record. I’m making up with myself. Making up for lost time. Making up for everything I ever did and never did.”

Known for her crude mouth, honesty and saying what she wants when she wants, Adele is a true spirit animal in every way. She is proud of her curvy body and has openly discussed her image on 60 Minutes saying that she did not feel pressure to be thin. Her weight does not define her career, which she has demonstrated with her many accomplishments. She is comfortable in her own skin and a role model that all girls can and should look to.

Even though Adele is only in her 20s, her songs reveal a certain kind of sophistication that is mature beyond her years. Anyone who has lost a loved one or been through a difficult time can listen to her music and empathize with her. Thank you Adele, for sharing your experiences so that we know we aren’t alone. Where would we be without you?