Ways to Cut Calories on Your Next Night Out

Photo by Kristen Robertson

Friday and Saturday nights are typically designated cheat nights when it comes to dieting. You go into the night with an “oh well” type of attitude, thinking that there isn’t much you can do to preserve your diet.

But alcohol doesn’t have to be an excuse to be unhealthy! Valley asked students around campus to share their most efficient ways to cut calories over the weekend.


During dinner before a night out, many of us are guilty of shoving as many carbs in our mouths as possible to prevent a hangover from happening. After the fifth roll, second plate of spaghetti and slice of Canyon that you will inevitably eat, you relax and think, okay, I should be fine now.

Kim Undercoffler, a junior biobehavioral health major, gives Valley some insight on healthy ways to produce the same results. “Edamame spaghetti is the best thing ever,” she says. “You can put sauce and cheese on it, and it tastes totally normal.” You can find edamame spaghetti from stores like Costco or Mclanahan’s downtown.

If that’s not your thing, then try a quinoa concoction.

“It’s just as filling,” says junior speech pathology major Nikki Khosa. “It’s whole grain, high in protein and low in fat.”


Forget soda and juice! There are plenty of other drinks to mix with that won’t make you feel as bloated in your skimpy crop top.

“Vitamin water zero has natural sweeteners and no aspartame,” says Undercoffler.

If you’re in the mood for a vodka and tonic, Khosa suggests using club soda rather than tonic water, along with a low calorie vodka of your choice.

“Club soda has no sugar or carbs,” says Khosa.

Need a little more flavor?

“Mix Mio and water with your drink,” says Khosa. It gives is a sweeter taste no added calories.

Another option is to mix coconut water with light rum. “It’s super low cal and very sweet,” says Khosa on coconut water.

And if all else fails, tequila shots (hellooo agave nectar) and limes are the way to go.


Pass on McDonald’s greasy hotcakes or a thick breakfast sandwich from Bagel Crust (sorry), and make something at home!

“Toast with egg and an avocado on sprouted grain bread is the best,” says Khosa. If you’re feeling a bit under the weather the next day, this should get the job done.

So next time you want to pass on going out to avoid the calories, try some of these suggestions and keep your figure looking smokin’!


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