Valley’s View: DIIV Comes to the HUB

On Thursday, Brooklyn’s own DIIV stopped by the HUB for a show.

Zachary Cole Smith, lead singer of DIIV. The band’s new album,
titled “Oshin”, received a best new music from Pitchfork. Smith is also a
former guitarist from the band Beach Fossils.

Bass player Devin Ruben Perez, as he plays the song “Doused.”

The keyboardist of The Infected Flies, adding to their unique sound, which
the PA band describes as “alternative fuzz pop/punk.”

Yep- this mosh pit broke out during Diiv’s performance at our very own HUB. The crowd brought a lot of intense energy to the show.

Pantomime Dame, a local band from State College, opened up the show.

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