Valley Pick of the Week: Victoria’s Secret Self-Tanning Tinted Lotion

selftannerDo you want to be tan, but you don’t want to endanger your skin by going in a tanning bed? Smart move—there are so many risk factors with tanning beds that makes it not worth it. Luckily, there’s another option less dangerous, less permanent and pain-free! Victoria’s Secret self-tanning tinted lotion is the secret to making your skin have a long-lasting gorgeous natural color within hours.

You may ask, “Will I look orange?” The answer is no—not if you use it in moderation. The bronze tint creates a flawless smooth shade on any type of skin color, assuming you don’t apply it every day. You’ll notice a significant change in your skin color the next day and it’ll look great. Price: $15.

A few tips to get you started if you’ve never used self-tanner before:

  • Wash and exfoliate your skin before applying to ensure your skin looks nice and smooth.
  • Apply evenly over desired area. Check for spots you may have missed—but don’t put as much on your knees and elbows because they’ll become unnaturally dark.
  • Be sure to wash your hands (unless you’re using gloves) immediately… no one has tan palms.
  • Set aside time to do this. You don’t want to put the tanning lotion on right before you plan to go to bed. Give yourself at least 30 minutes before you get dressed.
  • Only apply it as needed. Recommended is once a week.


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