Valley Pick of the Week: Dynex™ – 6′ HDMI Cable

2648583cv1a.jpg;canvasHeight=500;canvasWidth=500Although most college kids are on a tight budget, this week’s staff pick of the week is a great entertainment investment—the Dynex™ – 6′ HDMI Cable. An HDMI cord connects content from and streams that content to an HDTV or projector.

It’s the greatest invention ever because there’s always those nights where it’s too cold to go out or you just want to stay in with your best friends,” says junior Crystal Gaydos. “With the internet there are endless options that you can stream to your TV from your computer making it the perfect way to have a movie night with your girlfriends.”

When purchasing an HDMI cord, be sure to consider which brand computer you own. MAC computers need an additional MAC adapter when using a HDMI cord. HDMI cords and adapters can be purchased at Best Buy (1650 N Atherton St.).

Where to buy it: Best Buy 1650 N Atherton St. State College, PA


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