Vaccines are the New Black: The NYFW Vaccination Requirement

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This season, vaccination requirements are in. The world seems to be approaching semi-normalcy with cities, schools and even big events opening back up again. This has become possible with the rollout of vaccines earlier this year. However, even though vaccines have been distributed to over hundreds of millions of people in this country alone, that does not mean that some people and businesses aren’t hesitant over the looming virus — especially with the new variant roaming around. That is why those cities, schools and big events are enforcing a vaccine requirement — with one of those big events being New York Fashion Week (NYFW).

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NYFW is an event held in February and September for up to nine days that showcases the biggest brands all over the world to buyers, journalists, publicists and more. This is one of the most important events for fashion lovers and members everywhere as the trend-filled week becomes home to the most exclusive brands, styles and trends for the next year. 

According to Vogue, following New York City in its steps of becoming the first major city to require a vaccination requirement, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) have followed in their footsteps for their shows. 

Starting this September, all CFDA runway events in NYFW will require all of its guests to be fully vaccinated, or else they will not be permitted entry into the event. NYFW will also require their staff, on-site personnel and any other participants and workers to show vaccination status as well.

NYFW takes their mandate so seriously, that they have created an official digital health and safety guideline book for all personnel and guests attending NYFW and gives instructions, tips and policies as to what should be expected throughout the week of shows.

The reason for this mandate is not just as a stipulation, but one for securing safety. NYFW feels that it should use its platform to encourage other businesses, big events and people to keep pushing for getting vaccinated so the world can be a little closer to making sure everyone is completely safe and healthy.

“We encourage the broader industry to follow suit as it is imperative to place the safety of guests and those working events in the highest priority,” CFDA said.

This is not the first time that NYFW has used its platform to encourage safety protocols and policies in protecting each other in these times. Last year, during The Blonds Fall/Winter 2020 runway show, the brand made a statement in promoting mask-wearing and safety precautions through integrating masks and social distancing.

With the mandate in effect, it offers the opportunity for those to get fully vaccinated, but there is some question as to what would happen to the buyers, journalists, guests and even designers who cannot get vaccinated to attend the show that will surely promote their fashion brands and garner publicity for next season’s styles. This would be another incentive to get fully vaccinated and not only to be safe but to also do what is best for their businesses.

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