Turn Summer Staples Into Fall Faves

Now that fall is here, summer clothes find themselves shoved to the back of our closets and boots begin to break out. Some of us celebrate the new season with a new wardrobe to prepare for the cold weather ahead. For those who don’t want to break the bank (and are in denial that summer is gone), Valley has your back. Here are four summer staples that you can also wear during the fall season.


Wear your “But First, Coffee” tank top with a soft, comfy cardigan to keep warm during the chilly mornings. Pair it with leggings and combat boots to give off the effortless look just in time for that 8 a.m. lecture.


Don’t hang up that cute floral dress in the back of the closet. Pair with a leather jacket for an edgy, chic look. If you aren’t into the rocker look, layer up with a cozy open knit cardigan for a sweeter appearance. Pro Tip: switch out the strappy sandals for pumps or closed toe heels for a night out.


Just because summer is gone doesn’t mean we automatically have to switch to knee high boots the moment a leaf falls on the ground. Since the beginning of fall is still warm enough to show skin, open-toe sandals are appropriate. Wear them with leggings, jeans, or even shorts if it is warm enough. Pro tip: Invest in open-toe booties. They are perfect for fall because they can be worn with any daytime and nighttime look.


One of the most popular staples of this past summer doesn’t have to leave. For a day time look, wear it with your tank top with a longer necklace to spice up your accessories. For the night, wear it with a deep v-neck top or strapless top to draw attention to your fabulous décolletage. Good thing is that they are versatile enough and come in many different styles that they can fit multiple tastes. If you don’t like chokers you can always try it with flash tattoos. Have them on your arm as an easy, cute accessory for a night out.

If you are hesitant to bring these summer staples into the fall, remember that you can always layer up. Don’t let the cold keep you from testing the waters when it comes to fashion!