Turn off the TV and Get Outside This Spring

With the warm weather slowly, but surely making its way to State College, it’s time to come out of hibernation and soak up some vitamin D. Everything always seems ten times better when it’s warmer outside, no matter what you do. It can’t hurt that most of our sickly pale skin will gain some color too.

There’s plenty of ways to incorporate some fresh air into your daily routines. Valley is here to help with some ideas to get you outside.


“Running gives me an excuse to get outside, rather than just going to the gym,” says sophomore supply chain major Ryan Hughes.

Whether it’s running, biking, rollerblading (#tbt), doing some ab exercises on the grass or hiking Mount Nittany, skip the gym and take your workout outside!


Tired of the uncomfortable, dusty library? Ditch that scene and head outside to get your work done! You are guaranteed to be in a better mood too!

“I love going to the business building to study because they have a nice outdoor study area,” says sophomore supply chain major Torie Miller.


This one is simple enough. Don’t take the bus anymore, walk to your classes! It’s healthier for you, and better for the environment too!

Hanging out with friends (or by your lonesome)

Turn off your TV, and get your butt outside! Whether your bring a book to old main lawn or chat with your friends on a blanket, take your typical indoor activities to the great outdoors! You can throw a frisbee, lay on a hammock (if you have one), text, daydream, listen to music, head to the arboretum- the list can go on forever! Whatever your favorite hobbies are (maybe you knit?), do them outside!

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