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With so many clubs and organizations at Penn State, you may not know where to start. Although there is an involvement fair at the beginning of each semester, it’s not always easy to make commitments before you get into the swing of things with your classes. Now that we’re hitting the midpoint of the fall semester, you may be thinking about adding an org to your plate, or planning for next semester.

When deciding what clubs and orgs to join, it’s important to prioritize a healthy balance that works for you. Whether this means joining more academic related clubs, or an org that simply makes you happy to attend, we have some options for you.


Academic organizations related to your field of study are a great way to explore your desired career path even further, and network with peers and industry professionals. These clubs are also beneficial if you feel like you’re not getting enough hands on experience or exposure in your classes. No matter what your major is, it’s likely that there is something to fit your interests.

From the IST Consulting Group, to the Student Film Organization, or the Student Farm Club, you can find a niche club for your specific academic passions. If you’re interested in finding a complete list of clubs and orgs associated with your major, you can find one on the website for each academic college.

Katie Cepullio, a sophomore studying marketing, is extremely involved with Women in Business, an org that relates directly to her intended career path.

“I joined Women in Business to find friends that had the same interests as me and would serve as mentors. After being in it for more than a year I have found way more than that, building relationships that go beyond the organization and the business field,” says Cepullio.”It also is an organization that encourages everybody to apply for a leadership position which has helped build a lot of self confidence in myself.”

Pursuing a leadership position in an academic related club can really set you apart when applying for internships and full time positions. It will also prepare you for a job in ways that your classes may not.


If you’re interested in helping others, and making some great friends and memories along the way, you should join a philanthropic org! Here at Penn State, THON orgs are an amazing opportunity to get involved if you’re looking to help others.

As you may know, there are many different ways to get involved with THON and other charitable causes. Some students choose to join Greek Life, which gives them the opportunity to participate in THON and do charitable work for other causes. Greek life does consist of much more than just philanthropy, which can make it a good match for some students, and not the best fit for others. Many academic-related orgs, such as the Public Relations Student Society of America and business frats such as PCT, also raise money for THON.

If you’re looking to get involved in THON without the commitment to Greek life or another org, try joining an independent THON organization. Some of these include Ohana and Eclipse, which both raise an incredible amount of money for the cause.

“Ohana means family and that is taken to heart in our THON organization. Ohana is one big family split into 4 smaller fish fam’s for us all to connect with each other and raise money FTK,” says Caelan McMenemy, a junior accounting student. “We work with five wonderful THON families that we love and cherish as the heart of our entire organization. I could not imagine being in another org and can’t wait for THON 2022 this February!” 

Many students also want to do charitable work for other causes. The Student Philanthropy Network is a great outlet for students wanting to help others. If you’re passionate about philanthropy, you can also get involved with organizations in the community.

Health and Wellness

In college, it can be hard to find time to prioritize your own health and wellness. Joining a club related to exercise or even mental health, can make such a positive difference in your mood during a busy week of classes. To find an org that works for you, think about what health and wellness activities you’re passionate about.

Many students join an org that relates to an activity or sport they participated in prior to going to college. Some of these include Ultimate Frisbee, the Figure Skating Club, or one of the many dance orgs on campus. There are also many orgs related to working out, such as the PSU Crossfit Club and Penn State Chaarg.

Megan Starr, a junior early education major, is a member of Penn State Chaarg. “Chaarg is an all girl workout club. I joined because I like to workout in a motivating and welcoming environment and enjoy trying new workouts,” says Starr.

Aside from exercise, you can other explore other forms of wellness through clubs such as Lift the Mask, which works to reduce the stigma around mental health. Think about what benefits your mental and physical health, and you’re bound to find an org that works for you.


Sometimes you may feel like you want a break from anything school related, and finding a club that provides you with just a little pick-me-up each week can be a great solution. This type of org for you could be an academic related club for someone else, or it could be a club designed to give students relief from their busy schedules. If you’re looking to join a club based on an interest outside of academics that you may have, it’s a great opportunity to meet students that you probably would never meet otherwise.

A perfect example of an interest-related club is Sunny State, which is an org spreading happiness by doing random acts of kindness on campus. You may also choose to join a club such as Coffee Club or the Fashion Society at Penn State, to get more involved with your interests that may have nothing to do with your studies. Think about something you’ve always wanted to explore or learn more about, and search it on OrgCentral! It will more likely than not translate into a student org on campus.

Are you inspired to join a new club or org? Check out OrgCentral to get in contact with student leaders, and tweet us, @VALLEYmag, and let us know what you’re involved with this semester!


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