Trick-or-Eat (a $2 Burrito)

Here’s a little riddle for you:

What’s fun and filling and only comes around once a year?

Halloween costumes and $2 dollar burritos at Chipotle.

Penn Staters are known for bracing the cold for football tailgates, but this Wednesday, a line spanned all the way from Chipotle’s counter to the side entrance of the Diplomat (all under the the light rain, gloomy overcast and extremely nippy chill) proved Penn Staters will brace the cold for great deals (on food), too.

After 4 p.m. on Halloween, burritos were $2 if you showed up to Chipotle in costume. And oh, students showed.

“I guess it’s worth it,” says Tristan Hwan, senior, who was deked out as Van Helsing from Dracula. This was his first time taking up the $2 burrito deal in all his four years here.

Eric Cushing, senior, got a little clever and dressed up as a “conspiracist.” “You can’t read my mind,” he boasts. Cushing had cone-shaped hat mad of tinfoil pressed to his head. That was the entire costume, but he explained that in prior years, the Chipotle deal would be if you wore anything tinfoil because burritos are wrapped in foil.

Kaitlyn Rimol and Kristen Fisher, both sophomores, were a tag-team dressed as a “cowgirl and Indian”. This duo bundled up to keep warm but agreed to show off their entire ensemble for Valley’s audience. When asked if it’s worth standing in the cold in the long line, Fisher says, “Absolutely. It’s Chipotle.” She says she can “tough it out.”

Cara Boothroyd, Brynne Travis and Anja Dietrich impressed us with their DIY Teletubie outfits. We love DIY. Though they didn’t want to wear their dresses
while waiting in roughly 30 degrees, the crew rocked their homemade headbands (antennae?) and sported sweaters.

“I’m a pimp,” says one burrito lover, joking, “I look like a straight up walk of shame.” Maybe a morning-after Halloween walk of shame, that is. If there’s anything this pimp is hitting up, it’s Chipotle and “every promotion, obviously.”

Lewkowicz’s pal, Jane Sherman, dressed as a cowgirl, says that this is her first time snagging the awesome deal but she’ll “do anything for a $2 burrito.”

We thought we found the coziest costume on the entire line when we saw senior Munjireen Sifat dressed as a whoopie-cushion, but we were wrong. “Only if I put my head in it,” she says. She must be a true Chipotle lover because when asked if waiting in the cold was worth the $2 burrito, she says, “I would buy it anyway.”

It’s all about the fun and company, it seems.

“I wouldn’t do it alone, but I’m with friends,” says Camille Loscalzo.

Perhaps $2 burritos are the college kids’ version of trick-or-treating.

Photos by Tyler Hankins

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