To Freshmen, From Seniors

As the semester winds down, graduating seniors can now pass their elderly knowledge and advice on to the younger PSU student body. While we only have a few years here, there is a never ending amount of things to explore and experience, from THON, to Greek life, to the numerous amounts of clubs and societies. Here is some guidance from the Class of 2012 that they would like to pass on to you about their recommendations, regrets, and overall advice.

“I regret not being more active in student clubs and activities. Be active and enjoy the time you have while, getting your work done and expanding your knowledge.” – Adam Blaier, 22, Media Law and Policy

“I recommend taking chances and doing things you never thought you would do. I also recommend doing what you want to do. This is your experience so make it count, because these four years go by way too fast.” – Kristen Kelso, 22, Food Science

“I really recommend getting involved in THON – there is nothing better than working with your fellow students for an amazing cause. I’ve met some of my best friends and made some of the best memories in college through THON!” – Brittany Caplin 22, Public Relations

“Before graduating, make sure you participate in Paternoville, go to THON, go see a volleyball game, and take Soc. 119 with Dr. Sam Richards.” –Omar Lopez, 22, Supply Chain and Information Systems

“Don’t let anything dictate who you are besides you, and never be afraid to say ‘no.’Also, finding a balance between school work, friends and having fun is key.” – Garrett Ray, 22, Landscape Contracting: Design

“Make sure you find friends who are there for you and will stick up for you. Surround yourself with good, loyal people and be there for them as well.” – Erica Goldblatt, 22, Special Education

“Going abroad was by far the best experience of my life. If you still have time left and you’re unsure, do yourself an amazing favor and GO ABROAD. It opened my eyes up about the world around me and I learned a lot about myself. It’s a truly amazing opportunity that should be taken advantage of at Penn State.” Jennifer Ross, 21, Nutritional Science.

“Get involved with as many clubs as you can. Being part of clubs can help create opportunities for you after your college career, and they are great for meeting new people.” –Kevin Livengood, 22, Civil Engineering

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