Three Things Tyra Taught Us

Photo posted by Tyra Banks | @tyrabanks

We all know the feeling of having our favorite TV show end, especially when it has been on air for as long as we can remember. Tyra Banks, supermodel and the host of “America’s Next Top Model”, has decided to pursue other business opportunities and will not return as the host when the show reboots on VH1. For 22 seasons, Banks has taught valuable life lessons to the models and viewers at home each week, all while looking fabulous. Here are just a few lessons that we can all take away from her.

Beauty Comes in All Forms

A key lesson that Tyra wanted to make sure each model and viewer learned was that we are all beautiful in our own way. Banks made sure to instill this message by having models of different ethnicities and different body types on the show. One model that was on the show during cycle 21, Chantelle Brown-Young, has a rare skin condition known as Vitiligo. Tyra made her realize that her skin condition doesn’t hinder her beauty, it enhances her uniqueness!

Find Your Light

Tyra’s mantra for young girls and for her models on the show was always “believe in yourself”. “Find your light” was a saying Tyra had for not only posing, but for loving yourself and having self-confidence. Tyra believed in the models as if they were her own children and it showed during eliminations because she was sad to see such potential go to waste.

Smizing is Good For the Soul

Tyra coined the phrase “smize”, meaning smile with your eyes. Smizing is Tyra’s secret to taking a stunning picture. This lesson can help transform an ordinary selfie into an Instagram worthy picture that will have your notifications going crazy!

Even though there will be old episodes still airing on TV, Tyra’s flawless style and inspiring life lessons each week will be missed. We will always use what she has taught us in our daily lives and smize our stress away!