Waiting for your Crush to Text Back

There’s nothing like the relaxing feeling that comes over you after sending that initial text to your crush.

Kidding. Sending a text to someone you’re not used to talking to can elicit the same feelings as if you just made the biggest decision of your life.

While it’s easy to pretend like this is a no-big-deal-just-texting-the-guy-I-like-but-I’m-cool situation, anxiety is at an all time high in moments like these. Millions of ridiculous thoughts flood your brain, and you can’t help but go a little crazy waiting. But hey, who can help it?

Save the regret because chances are you will get a text back, it just may not be as quickly as you would prefer. We forget that people have lives outside of their phones too.

So take a risk, and text that special someone. Enjoy the ride from there.

It typically goes as follows:

Check your phone a couple times within the same minute of sending the text.

Turn your phone off so that waiting doesn’t drive you insane.

To Hell with that. Turn it back on.

Ask your roommate to hold on to your phone.

Take the phone back after 30 seconds.

*No text back*

Start singing “Say something, I’m giving up on you…” by A Great Big World.

Do a series of breathing exercises.

Giggle nervously.

Throw phone into toilet.

Suck water out of phone, while thinking about what an idiot you are for just doing that.

Miraculously the phone still works despite definite damage.

*Still no text back*

Question your sanity more than once.

Develop mild case of the hiccups.

Check Facebook- maybe he made an announcement that his phone is broken.

Check phone again.

Do a quick walk by his apartment building.

Go ahead inside while you’re at it.

You might as well go up the elevator.

Ding-dong ditch because why not.

Observe from a hiding spot.

He’s not home but his roommate is.

Ask his roommate for advice on the situation.

The roommate seems slightly creeped out, but you don’t mind.

Invite yourself inside his apartment.

Wait for him to come home while making yourself a snack.

Decide you’ve crossed the line and go home.

*6 minutes have passed since initial text was sent*

*He answers*

“Hey, whats up?”

“Nothing, just took a nap.” So casual.


Killing it, girl. You handled that like a breeze.



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