Those things you do that guys love

Sometimes the things guys like about girls have nothing to do with looks. Yes, your scandalous mini-skirt might be the first thing they notice, but physical appearance usually matters the least in the long run. How you carry yourself on a daily basis might not seem like a big deal to you, yet guys are completely enamored by your little quirks.

“I like someone who is able to banter back and forth with me.” – Kenny Lukens, sophomore

“I like when a girl laughs and hides her head in my arm. It’s cute and funny.” – Joe Penzelik, freshman

“I like girls who are spontaneous and adventurous.” – Mac McCormick, sophomore

“I like when girls play with my hair. When you pet my hair like a dog, I like it.” – Ryan Brennan, sophomore

“I like when girls make funny faces while telling a story.” – Kevin Hulbert, junior

“I like girls who are blunt and true.” – Tyrone Jones, freshman

“I like her laugh. It makes me smile.” – Ryan Kinzler, sophomore (talking about his girlfriend, standing next to him)

“I like that [my girlfriend] is quirky. She isn’t really wrapped up in what other people think is cool. She’s brave enough to be herself and to do and think what she likes.” – TF Carr, senior

Photo by Lindsay Lipovich

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