THON Through the R&R Perspective

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THON is the time of year where Penn State joins together to fight the good fight against childhood cancer. It is a way for us to become connected for a cause that is bigger than all of us. So, the fact that the Rules and Regulations committee can have a negative stigma needs to be addressed. From one THON volunteer to another, let me tell you about R&R.

As a freshman, eager to become a part of the largest student-run philanthropy in the world, I interviewed to be a part of a THON committee; let me tell you, no one’s first choice is Rules and Regulations. I wanted to be on a Dancer Relations committee. However, it was not in the cards and I was not going to turn down an amazing opportunity to be at the Bryce Jordan Center for THON weekend just because I didn’t get my top pick.

Posted by @sarahh.price on Instagram

Being a part of this amazing experience comes at the cost of hard work and dedication. I remember every Wednesday night being in the Willard Building until 1 a.m. learning rules and taking quizzes on the layout of the BJC. In the end, it was worth it. I was on the floor for the DNCE performance and was able to help everyone find where they needed to be, granted with a little less sleep than I was used to.

Sam Stark, a previous R&R committee member who joined a Dancer Relations committee for THON 2018, says that she could not imagine THON without R&R.

“R&R is such a vital committee for THON because they are responsible for the well-being of the THON volunteers, spectators, dancers, Four Diamonds families, directors and so many more,” Stark says. “I definitely think that being on R&R has helped me with my first experience on DR. I was able to already be familiar with the BJC inside and out.”

A part of Penn State running such a big event is that each person plays a very unique and important role in ensuring everything goes just the way it is supposed to. From the dancers to the organizations that raise money, we all do what we can to support the families that need us the most. What we don’t always do is support each other, and I think that can change.

“Just being respectful in general to any committee members is always a huge help during THON. Everyone is there for the same reason: for the dancers and for the kids,” Stark says. “R&R has to enforce the rules to ensure that everyone has the best 46 hours of their lives. Understanding the work that everyone puts in for this incredible weekend is extremely important.”

In the end, I wouldn’t have changed my R&R experience for the world because it allowed me to explore what we call the “City of THON” for the very first time, and I am not alone in that feeling.

“I was glad that I was picked to be on an R&R committee because it was great exposure to how much goes into THON weekend,” Stark says. “I loved being a part of a committee dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone in the BJC.”


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