THON Spotlight: The Possibilities are Infinite

Photo by Vivian Lin

With millions of dollars raised and thousands of student volunteers, everything about THON is larger than life. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with the sheer numbers, but for one small organization, participating in THON is a means that could lead to infinite ends for the kids. On Sunday evenings Infinity, a special interest THON organization of roughly 45 members, gathers in 201 Thomas to watch inspirational videos and brainstorm fundraiser ideas, but first, icebreakers! Infinity comes out of their shells (or wrappers) during the Starburst Game, where each color of candy corresponds with a hilarious question.

Yellow Starburst: “What’s your cringe word?”

The member who answers the question says, “My cringe word is definitely moist,” and the rest of the group bursts with laughter and agreement.

The members of Infinity share more than just the love of icebreakers and the disdain for the word “moist”; they also share a bond with one another that is unique to a smaller organization. As a smaller group, each member is able to quickly become directly invested in THON and form a personal relationship with their child, Imori.

Co-president Meaghan Young says, “I think the main benefit of a smaller org is that each member is able to become more involved with THON, and able to make the experience their own. What I really love about being a smaller org is our close-knit community feel.”

Beneath the laid-back fabric of their organization, Infinity strives towards the same awesome goal as the largest THON orgs at Penn State: it’s always For the Kids. Each year Infinity’s members actively participate in canning, the THON 5K and the Hundred Days celebration.

“Our goals aren’t any different than any other organization benefiting THON. I think the most beautiful thing about THON is that there are so many different organizations and volunteers but all 15,000 of us come together to work towards the same goals,” Young says.

Infinity, small but mighty, works alongside larger organizations year-round to raise millions to stop childhood cancer in its tracks. Meaghan Young says, “I have so much respect for the bigger orgs that are able to run smoothly and raise so much money for the cause. Personally, I love the feel of a smaller organization, but I know plenty of people that feel the exact same way about their 200+ person orgs. It’s all about finding the right for you!”

For Infinity, the possibilities for the future of all children battling cancer are infinite. Regardless of how you decide to get involved, Valley encourages you to join a THON organization this year.

Interested in joining Infinity? Stop by their meetings on Sundays at 7:30 PM in 201 Thomas.