Over $10 Million FTK: THON 2018 Total Reveal

Posted by @pennstatethon on Instagram

With changes in how students and organizations are allowed to raise money for THON 2018, the total money raised was hard to estimate. Another issue is the suspension of Greek organizations, which usually have a huge impact on the total amount raised for THON.  

Last year, the total was just over $10,000,000 and the hope is that with each new year, a higher total will be revealed at the end of the 46 hour dance marathon!

After an emotional Family Hour and a performance by Go Go Gadjet, the crowd waited in suspense while THON Executive Director, Andrew Smith, took the stage.

Melissa Witting, senior, Dancer Relations Committee Member, says, “All throughout Go Go Gadjet, I was so excited to see what the total for this year was.”

Finally, the total was announced. THON 2018 raised $10,151,663.93 all for the kids.

“I was a little worried about the total because there were not as many canning trips this year, but I really think the donor drive helped,” says Wittig, “I’m so proud of everyone that helped.”

No matter what the total is each year, THON is so much more than a figure. It is a weekend to celebrate the lives of children and their families impacted by childhood cancer and to remember those who lost their battle.


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