THON 2016: Where’s My Hair?

Photo by Aly O'Donnell
Students, alumni, and local salon employees alike crowded on the BJC stage today for one of the most heartfelt hours of THON; the Wigs for Kids hair donation. Since 2008, Wigs for Kids has worked with THON in order to provide wigs for children with cancer and keep them feeling beautiful, even in an extended period of illness.

Valley got the inside scoop from a few donors about how it feels to have the chance to “let their hair down” FTK, and their responses were nothing short of amazing.

Each donor must have at least 12 inches of hair to donate, and most of the participants were female. We did, however, catch up with this year’s only male donor, Rick DiAgostino, a senior member of Engineers Without Boarders, as well as EASI. “As a guy donating, I think it’s awesome! More guys should definitely do it, especially now that man buns are a thing.” says DiAgostino (pictured below). And, to top if off, he donated all 14 inches of his hair, which he says took him 2 years to grow, and wouldn’t have happened without the help of his sister.


Alex Calderaro, a junior and sister of Alpha Xi Delta sorority, says this is her first time donating her hair. “I’m nervous, but really excited; this is a once in a life time opportunity!”

With a heavy heart, Calderaro told us that Alpha Xi Delta’s THON child passed away this year, “We really want to bring out her spirit, and to me, this is one great way of doing that,” she says.


Jessica Sucharski (left) and Alex Calderaro (right) before donating their hair.

With a little more experience, having once donated 10 inches of her hair to Locks of Love, Jessica Sucharski, a sophomore member of an operations committee, is now donating 12 inches of her hair. “With Locks of Love, I went to a salon and they just cut it off. But this is THON, so it’s different. Anything I can do to make a child’s battle with cancer easier is amazing. Maybe in my senior year I’ll donate again once my hair grows back!” says Sucharski.

If you’re interested in one day donating your hair FTK, you’ll have to apply through THON, making sure your hair meets the length requirement, and does not have artifical color, highlights, or perming. Until next year, THON!