THON 2014: If You Could Have One Wish

What do you get when you combine 46 hours of dance with over 700 people standing for the cause? Cravings, delirium and a ton of fun – and that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. By now, the dancers have been standing for over a day, and are still going strong.

Over the last few hours, Valley has seen first-hand the life of the dancers, from fanny-packs to calorie counts to tutus. But this time, we visited the floor with a more loaded question. If you could have one wish, what would it be?


Meredith Miller went straight for the guilty pleasure without a second thought. “Right now? I wish I had a HUGE bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Seriously – more than anything.”

RachelSteinberg(L)Brittany Goldman(R)

Rachel Steinberg and friend Brittany Goldman both agree: “We definitely wish that the pass system was much easier.” Steinberg adds, “I haven’t gotten to see my parents yet, so it’s kind of a bummer.”


Tyler Morgan went for a simpler wish. “I just want to live a happy life. There’s nothing better than that.”


Kappa Sigma dancer Connor Kincheloe immediately turned to our football coach for inspiration. “I wish I could meet James Franklin. Just to get a pep talk from him right now would be great.”


Monarch FTK dancer Kelsey Holland decided to spread the THON love with her wish: “I would definitely wish away maximum capacity. That way everyone could come into the BJC and have an awesome time.”


Finally, Chandra Swope, of the American Institute of Architecture Students, sums up a wish we all share. “I wish there was a cure to pediatric cancer. It’s as simple that.”

And until that wish is fulfilled, we’re all going to keep dancing For the Cure and most importantly, For the Kids.

Photos by Gabby Mannino 


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