The Top Embarrassing Moments All Penn Staters Experience

As any student past or present knows, it doesn’t take long to adapt to the Penn State way of life – and they know this way of life includes those characteristic embarrassing moments every Penn Stater is guaranteed to experience. Allow us to help you reminisce.

1. Caught running away from the Canyon Delivery driver

You’re walking with a group of friends and all of the sudden one of them yells, “Guys cops!” and ducks behind a bush. And then the Canyon Delivery car drives by… seriously. Most of us have been caught by this cruel joke and have been made fun of non-stop. Oh well, we should all get arrested for consuming that many calories that late at night anyway.

2. Sprinted after the white loop

So you’re strolling to the bus stop with no worries on your mind. Then literally out of nowhere and White Loop appears at the stop and your whole academic career flashes before your eyes. I can’t be late. When will the next bus be? Do I run?  There is no way I’m running. Oh no. I’m running… And you take off like Usain Bolt flying towards that bus stop. Worst part is you know everyone on the bus is laughing at you right now. The bus driver waits till your five feet away then closes the doors and drives off. Then you just awkwardly stand there gasping for air.

3. Tripped on a squirrel

These squirrels around here think they own the place. They hop around and eat acorns like nobody’s business. You’re walking and all of a sudden a squirrel runs out of nowhere right into your path, and almost makes you fall on your face while you try to avoid crushing the thing. Everyone just has to laugh at you. I mean a squirrel did just trip you.

4. Looked both ways on Beaver and College Ave. 

The most freshman thing to do at Penn State is look both ways on the one-way streets. If you are ever caught doing this while you’re with your upperclassmen friends prepare to be ridiculed. Everything you have ever learned about traffic safety is thrown out the window when you go here. STOP BEING SO CAUTIOUS!

5. Caught getting on the back of the bus

This is definitely one the most embarrassing things ever because the drivers love to call you out. “Get off the bus and come to the front please!” they scream so everybody stops and looks around to find the ding-a-ling who thinks they are too cool for the White Loop rules. So you shamefully walk through the front doors without making eye contact with the bus driver that just made this one of the most embarrassing moments of your life. You cannot wait to get to the library and hide yourself in the stacks for the next five hours.

6. Have someone not remember you

You don’t remember me?! I know there’s like a bagillion people that go to this school and that’s a whole lot of names to remember. But like… we peed together! You told me personal stories. You have a new boyfriend named Sean! I know you have a cute little bulldog named Spike. We all ordered Wings Over and I was the one who spilled the ranch all over your shoes! No? Nothing? Okay.

7. Caught stealing someone’s fracket

This bitter weather can turn any girl in a mini skirt into a kleptomaniac. Shivering girls search through couch pillows to find a sweatshirt to steal. But there is nothing more awkward and embarrassing than being caught in the act of stealing a girl’s sweatshirt right in front of her face. You slowly take it off and run away. Whatever, I don’t want your stupid 7th grade sweatshirt from Ben’s Bar Mitzvah anyway! I’m going to go find a peacoat…

Think of any that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

Photo by Sabine Clermont


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